Rachel Levine calls mothers as 'egg producers' while visiting a gender clinic

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Dr. Rachel Levine is assistant secretary for health in the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine was previously Pennsylvania’s secretary of health. Levine is the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate. In Joe Biden’s administration of identity box checkers, Levine is at the top.


Levine visited the Identity Alaska on August 6 but is just now being reported. Levine praised the clinic’s ‘tireless’ efforts to provide ‘lifesaving medical care.’

Levine praised the gender-affirming care clinic that wants to eliminate the word ‘mother’ and replace it with a phase like ‘egg producer.” It is just the latest example of transgender activists not respecting women, in general, and normalizing propaganda. The clinic delivers propaganda such as that children should learn that doctors ‘assign’ gender to babies and they ‘guess’ about the gender. Silly me. I thought it was commonly accepted that the doctor delivering the baby “assigned gender” by looking at the baby’s genitals. What easier way of determining if a baby is male or female?

As far as the idiotic argument about gender vs sex, spare me. Merriam-Webster Dictionary notes the terms are interchangeable.

Sex is often the preferred term when referring to biology (for instance, “in many species, members of the male sex are larger than those of the female sex”), while gender is the preferred word when referring to behavioral, cultural, and psychological traits typically associated with sex (for instance, “young people more likely to challenge the gender norms they grew up with.”)

Are gender and sex the same? Yes, and no. There are some circumstances where you may be better served by using one of these two words, and there are some cases where it does not much matter which one you choose.


The highest ranking openly transgender federal official in the country wants to call women the ‘gestational parent,’ ‘egg producer’ or ‘carrier’ instead of mother. It’s insulting. Stop reducing women to their reproductive organs simply to appease gender dysphoric people, who are a miniscule minority in America. At some point, common sense has to take over and say enough is enough.

Identity Alaska is a nonprofit community center that provides resources and health care for the LGBTQ community.

There is a push to de-gender the language. Identity Alaska promotes ideas that children should learn that doctors guess as they assign gender at birth. Teachers should speak to children ‘without assuming that there are only two sexes and that everyone within a particular sex is the same.’ Welcome to our brave new world where science isn’t science anymore, only when it fits the progressive narrative. We don’t need no stinkin’ biology.

Men are not to be called ‘men’, but ‘XY individuals.’ It’s like we’re all being punked.

The clinic also recommends children be taught to use proper biological terms for body parts. For example, instead of ‘male reproductive organs,’ to use ‘penis and testicles.’

Instead of using the word ‘men,’ their language guide suggests that people using the term ‘XY individuals.’

The section of the website, promoted by Identity Alaska, states: ‘This website aims to curate resources and connect science educators, students, learners of all types, parents, guardians, and everyone involved in supporting and learning to grow a more inclusive biology curriculum.’

The company also promotes people ditching the term ‘gender reveal party’ – and urges new families to call them ’embryogenesis parties’ or ‘chromosome reveal parties.’


Basic biology class is to be replaced by a gender-inclusive biology curriculum. This is created for science teachers. It recommends “child-friendly definitions” of terms relating to gender and sexuality. The irony is strong here that it is up to science teachers to teach the new gender and sex language and that science teachers actually go along with it. This is not moving education in a good direction at all.

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