Biden interview from the Grand Canyon: He's already declared a national emergency for climate change

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Who knew? I sure don’t remember Joe Biden declaring a national emergency over climate change. It seems like I would have remembered that if it was true.

This is Joe Biden we’re talking about here so take everything with a big ole grain of salt. Guess where the habitual liar-in-chief gave his first sit-down interview in over a month? He sat down with a longtime reporter for The Weather Channel. Yep, The Weather Channel. He is rightfully being mocked for that decision. To be fair, he surely didn’t make the decision, his staff did. We all know Biden doesn’t actually run the country. Those around him do that.


Joe Biden holds on to the climate issue for dear life – his political life. Conservatives and other rational people are angry over the heavy-handed push to increase regulations and restrictions on regular Americans in the name of saving the planet while all it really is is a power grab by leftists. Far left environmental whackos are angry that Biden’s overreach isn’t happening faster. So, Biden has latched on to the alleged climate crisis as a top issue in his public remarks and speeches. I don’t believe he knows the meaning of half of what he says on the topic but he thinks it is his path to keeping the far left on Team Biden in his bid for re-election.

Why did the White House agree to The Weather Channel interview? Well, Biden was in Arizona and New Mexico on Tuesday to talk about climate change and do some fundraising. He made a stop near the Grand Canyon to sign a national monument designation for the greater Grand Canyon. This is something that has been asked for by Native American tribes and environmentalists for years.

It is Biden’s fifth monument designation. It will help preserve about 1,562 square miles to the north and south of Grand Canyon National Park. It provided a nice photo op for Biden and it also presented an opportunity for another gaffe. During his speech he claimed that the Grand Canyon is one of the “nine” wonders of the world. Oops. That is two more than the actual number.


“Folks, it’s not hyperbole to suggest that there is no national treasure — none that is grander than the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon — one of the Earth’s nine wonders, wonders of the world, literally. Think of that. You know, it’s amazing. An enduring symbol of America to the entire world,” Biden said.

Naturally, social media did its thing and mocked Biden.

“Joe Biden says the Grand Canyon is one of the 9 wonders of the world..There are only 7 wonders of the world… maybe 8 depending on what list you look at…Either way, he’s clueless and his staff certainly don’t help or care…” political satirist Tim Young wrote.

Ouch. But, he’s not wrong.

The Weather Channel’s meteorologist Stephanie Abrams interviewed Biden. 57% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of climate change, according to a Washington Post poll. Nonetheless, he persists.

Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law last year, saying that its $369 billion in clean energy investments would help the climate, but critics say he could be doing more for the environment.

“President Biden is by far the best climate president we’ve had, but he’s also broken some key climate promises,” Ed Maibach, who studies climate communication at George Mason University, told NPR in July.” Those broken promises have been a profound disappointment to some of his voters, especially young voters,” he said citing Biden’s approval of a drilling project on federal land in Alaska in March.


Ali Zaidi, Biden’s national climate adviser, was asked by a reporter Monday about that Washington Post poll.

“I think the signal we’re getting is that the American people — and frankly, people all around the world — want everybody to go as fast as they can, faster and faster, picking up the pace of climate action,” Zaidi said. “That’s what the president has been focused on, right? And it’s looking for opportunity in places we haven’t seen it before.”

At least half of the country is good with Biden going slower and more rationally, not faster and faster.

The emergency declaration on climate change is a new boast from Biden.

During an interview with The Weather Channel, Biden initially said, “I’ve already done that,” when asked if he is prepared to declare a climate emergency. He cited his administration’s conservation of land, his decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and roughly $368 billion that was included in the Inflation Reduction Act aimed at building a clean energy economy.

“We’re moving. It is the existential threat to humanity,” Biden of said of climate change in the interview, taped Tuesday overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Pressed on whether he’s already declared an emergency, Biden said: “Practically speaking, yes.”

When pressed (shocker, I know) he must have realized his error and hedged his boast with the words “practically speaking.” Like so many things Biden says, it’s not the truth but he is trying to bend it to his advantage.


The White House did consider such a move last year but then didn’t move forward. Climate whackos argue that a climate emergency declaration would allow Biden to halt crude oil exports, limit oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and direct agencies like FEMA to boost renewable-energy sources. Lord knows all that craziness is right up Biden’s alley.

Biden is too confused by dementia to fully understand the issue. He parrots what others tell him to say on his little note cards and tries hard to appease the far-left so that they will vote for him in 2024.

Of course Biden found a way to work some criticism against Texas Governor Greg Abbott into his interview. Abbott lives rent-free in Biden’s head.

During The Weather Channel interview, Biden also spoke out against a Texas law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in June that overrides labor ordinances statewide that guarantee, among other things, construction workers be given 10-minute breaks to drink water and rest in the shade.

“I think it’s cruel. I think it’s outrageous. I think it’s consistent with what the governor down there is doing,” Biden said.

It is a law to ease over-regulation on businesses and Democrats know that, they just don’t approve of less regulation on businesses so they paint this one as cruel to workers. It makes for election cycle talking point fodder.


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