Gov Abbott held ceremonial signing of Save Women's Sports Act as protesters chanted

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Governor Abbott signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in a ceremonial signing Monday at Texas Woman’s University in Denton. He was joined by women collegiate athletes. Also in attendance were Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan, former collegiate swimmers. Riley is from Texas.


Riley competed in the NCAA championships for the University of Kentucky in 2022. She had to compete against transgender athlete Lia Thomas. Scanlan was a swimmer for University of Pennsylvania with Thomas. Those experiences led to their activism after college graduation. Instead of going to dental school as she planned, Riley is working to stop the war on women’s sports. Scanlan is doing the same. Both women have joined Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) and Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) as a Stand With Women Spokeswomen and Advisors. Both women have testified before Congress.

Abbott signed the law in June. This event was a ceremonial signing to draw attention to the subject.

“Some women are being forced to play against biological men,” he said.

“This law prohibits biological men from competing on a team whereas an individual against women college sports,” Abbott said.

Riley Gaines spoke about biological reality.

“Any amount of common sense you can easily comprehend the fact men on average, this is fact, are taller, stronger, more powerful, can jump higher than women,’ said Gaines. “It’s biological reality, but unfortunately we live in such a time where it’s controversial to say men and women are different.”

Protesters chanted outside as the signing took place. The new state law requires athletes at public colleges and universities to compete on teams the same as their biological sex. Protesters think Abbott just doesn’t understand. For some, though, it wasn’t just Governor Abbott, the protest was about Republicans, in general.


Eliot, a student told CBS News Texas, “I think he needs to realize trans people are people, trans Texans are Texans, and his legislation is supposed to protect Texans but he’s not protecting trans people, he’s hurting trans people.”

Protesters said it’s not just this bill, but that many in the LGBTQ+ community feel as if Republicans at the Capitol have been targeting their community.”

Jo Hargis, a Denton resident said, “We’re here standing against the flood of legislation that has been attacking transpeople. We’re here today to stand up and say we don’t agree with Greg Abbott attacking trans athletes.”

State Representative Terry Meza, D-Irving, voted against the Save Womens Sports legislation and other bills. “We’ve had anti-LGBTQ bills before, but this session had an unusually high number, so I do understand their concerns they feel targeted.”

Leftists won’t be happy until Republicans do not serve in office. They want complete control of everything, both politics and culture. Governor Abbott said they should explain why it is ok to marginalize women in sports.

“How will they explain to Riley and Paula and to other women how they have been marginalized, they’re the ones who went through the training, not the protesters out there. They devoted their lives, working harder probably than anybody in this room, longer days, longer nights, sacrificing so much to achieve a goal, only to have the goal erased by being forced to compete against a man.”


The new law takes effect on September 1. Private colleges and universities are not required to follow it.

More women must publicly speak out against the war on women’s sports. It’s wrong to allow men to compete with women. Everyone knows it’s wrong but those who support a very small minority of people who want to be treated more special than everyone else are too afraid of cancel culture to speak up. It’s not normal. Trans athletes can compete but it has to be against other trans athletes. Let them have their own category.

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