RFK, Jr. went where Biden refuses to go

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Robert Kennedy, Jr. is a thorn in the side of Democrats and I’m lovin’ it. RFK, Jr. is running in the Democrat presidential primary. He hasn’t exactly caused an earthquake in the polls but he does garner between 16% and 19% in recent polls and that is taking establishment Democrats by surprise. As of this morning, Real Clear Politics has the aggregated average for Biden at 59.3%, RFK, Jr. at 16.8%, and Marianne Williamson at 6.8%.


A majority of Democrats have expressed that they do not want Biden to run for re-election. He’s too old, too frail, and too feeble at age 80. He will be 82 on election day, and if he is re-elected, he will be 86 if he survives a second term. Not to be morbid but 86 is just way too old for someone even in the best of health and hitting on all cylinders to do the work of the most powerful human being in the world. The daily pressures and stress age every president. We’ve all seen the side-by-side pictures of presidents. When they enter the office they are noticeably younger-looking than when they leave office.

When Marianne Williamson entered the primary race, no one really paid much attention. She ran in 2020 and didn’t get very far but she sure was entertaining. I admit I enjoyed her performances in the debates. She’s all about the hippie-dippie guru schtick and it’s a departure from the stodgy, status quo politicians with their focus group polled answers. Love and peace, baby.

Then, seizing the opportunity, Kennedy came forward. This announcement was met with a lot of interest, but, even for Democrats, he is a very flawed candidate. He’s a nut. A liberal nut, but still a nut. Interestingly enough, he has captured the imagination of many Republican voters due to some pretty conservative-leaning positions on some hot-button issues. For instance, he went to the border in Yuma, Arizona and made a video of it, slamming Biden for the open border. That’s different.

I write about the southern border and the Biden border crisis a lot. National sovereignty is important if we want to keep our country. Imagine my surprise when I saw a video on Twitter last night of Kennedy at the border in Yuma and he showed illegal migrants literally walking behind him as he filmed.


Hey, Joe. Someone is coming for you. That video is devastating for Biden.

Don’t get me wrong. Kennedy has no chance of rising much higher in the polls. But what he is doing is opening the door for a more realistic candidate to emerge who can challenge Biden is a real way. The power of incumbency is vast and strong but when the incumbent is so disliked and unable to gain traction with voters on his re-election bid, this time may be different. Democrats are lemmings and of course they say they will vote for Joe when asked by pollsters but what if they had a real alternative? Someone without the Kennedy crazy baggage? I don’t know, I’m not a Democrat and certainly would never vote for one for president, but it just seems to me that this is an ambitious Democrat’s time to jump in. As it is, Gavin Newsom is running a shadow campaign. There has to be others out there who are seriously thinking about it.

Kennedy has been right about some of his opinions that have been labeled crazy conspiracies – like the COVID-19 vaccine. Border hawks like his position on border security. That must be producing heartburn for Democrats on Team Biden today. He also isn’t a gun-grabber and supports the Second Amendment.

Kennedy’s not explicitly saying he dislikes gun control. He’s saying that gun control is off the table due to the Supreme Court’s decisions on the issue.


How nice to have a Democrat who acknowledges the Constitution, even though his basic philosophy may veer from our rights. He’s a unicorn in that sense.

The DNC refuses to schedule debates. They are way too nervous about Biden’s ability to stand on a stage and be challenged by other Democrats. When it was only Marianne Williamson, it was one thing. Now there is Kennedy and I am not at all convinced that someone else won’t jump in – especially if polls continue to show that Trump is competitive and winning over Biden in some polls. Right now, Real Clear Politics shows Trump at 45.5% and Biden at 43.7% in a general election match-up.

Like I said, he’s a nut. If he’s the only one to get in and actually challenge Biden, there won’t be any debates. Where is Marianne? She entered the race and then we didn’t hear from her again. Democrat voters won’t want to rock the boat, especially if Trump is the Republican candidate. They figure that Biden beat him once, he’ll do it again.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching the show. Kennedy is getting under their skin. He took part in an online audio chat on Twitter with Elon Musk and others, like Tulsi Gabbard, for two hours. Left-wing media (but I repeat myself) zinged Kennedy for saying he wants the border with Mexico shut and he wants to investigate the role that pharmaceutical drugs play in the rise of mass shootings. The media can’t ignore him when he’s making headlines at the border and going after Big Pharma and they hate him for it. They demand a smooth ride for Joe Biden and keep the status quo in place, no matter how bad things get.


If Kennedy stays in, it may be enough to get Biden out of the basement and out to campaign this time. He hasn’t begun campaigning yet in the traditional way with rallies or town halls. He has to save his energy until further into primary season. Team Biden is probably waiting to see how much Kennedy catches on in the polls, too.

Kennedy not only went on Twitter with Musk but he also appears on Fox for interviews. Laura Ingraham seemed pleasantly surprised by some of his opinions when he sat for an interview with her. She said she wanted him to come back. Good times. Good times.

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