A Pride flag was burned in North Hollywood and Gavin Newsom lost his mind

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A Pride flag was burned at an elementary school in North Hollywood. It belonged to a transgender teacher at the school. It was a small flag displayed in a planter outside of a classroom at Saticoy Elementary School. Governor Gavin Newsom is shook by this incident and ranted on Twitter about it.


Progressives are so deranged that everything is blamed on “the far-right” whether there is proof or not. It is automatically assumed that the far-right is responsible in the media and among Democrat politicians. Los Angeles police are investigating it as a “vandalism hate crime.” There has been absolutely no evidence that anyone or any group in particular is responsible for burning a little flag in a planter but the Governor of California lost his mind because he conflates it with everything else going on in current events.

The timing of the Pride flag burning comes weeks after some parents objected to the announcement of a Pride event at the school – remember, this is an elementary school – in which teachers read students a book about diversity and “all kinds of families.” The book is titled “The Great Big Book of Families.’

There is some confusion about where the flag was displayed. A source I used for the story, Fox in L.A., reported that the flag was in a planter outside a classroom. But NBC News reports that someone broke into the school during the weekend that preceded May 22. The person (s) who broke in burned the flag, according to the Los Angeles Unified School District. So, was the flag inside or outside?


Alan Hamilton, a deputy chief with the police department’s Valley Bureau, said in a statement Wednesday that the Pride flag was in a potted plant.

“There was a small potted plant that was set on fire on the campus and the plant had a small (4 x 6 inch) PRIDE flag inside the potted plant container. Both the plant and the flag were destroyed by the fire,” he said.

“There are no suspects in custody at this time,” Hamilton added.

Los Angeles School Police will provide additional patrols around the campus, the school system said in a statement.

The police said the investigation is ongoing. With no suspects in custody, isn’t it premature to assume a political connection to what amounts to either simple vandalism or breaking and entering along with property destruction? What if it is just some pre-teen or teen punks who were bored and up to no good? Burning a small flag in a planter seems like peanuts compared to other alleged hate crimes. Because so many of these stories turn out to be hoaxes, it’s hard to take them on face value without any kind of proof that it really happened as it is being reported.

The school district sent a message to the school’s families on May 22.

“I’m calling to inform you that we experienced a break-in over the weekend at Saticoy Elementary that resulted in vandalism and is being investigated as a hate-motivated incident. We are cooperating with law enforcement. This is a reminder that we rely on our entire school community to keep our school safe and secure by reporting any suspicious activity on campus after hours. If you see something, say something,” the message said.

“Los Angeles Unified is committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that embraces the diversity of the communities we serve. The District encourages everyone in our school communities to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion so that our students can be empowered to achieve their greatest potential,” it continued.


It’s automatically assumed to be a hate crime because it is a Pride flag. What if it’s just a random act of vandalism without a political agenda? Because some parents threatened to protest the school event, the initial reaction is that it must be a hate crime, thus implying the parents are behind it.

Several parents were upset and threatened to protest. Parents who opposed the program launched an Instagram account, Saticoy Elementary Parents. A message posted on the Instagram page tells parents “who share conservative values” and “don’t feel this material is appropriate to teach to the children” to protest outside the school at the start of the school day on June 2.

Details about the flag being burned were not released by officials, however, the LA Times reported that someone broke into the school on the weekend of May 20- 21.

Why weren’t details released when it happened? If the police are investigating it, don’t they want tips and public input to help out? This whole thing seems fishy.

In the meantime, Gavin Newsom is ranting on Twitter about right-wing extremists, which usually means anyone who doesn’t go along with the far-left agenda. As usual, he went too far when he claimed that they are “trying to eliminate the existence of minority communities.” What does that mean? Sounds violent to me. Is the governor trying to incite violence? It sure doesn’t sound like he’s trying to help.


Today begins Pride Month. Look for more of this to come. The L.A. teachers union blames “the minority” but isn’t the transgender teacher the minority at the school?

United Teachers Los Angeles called the actions “another brazen attempt perpetrated by the intolerant minority to divide our communities and demean educators.”

They released a statement saying in part, “At a time of unprecedented threats against the LGBTQIA+ community and anti-trans legislation, this unwarranted response is a blatant attempt to create a hostile environment, not just for visibly transgender people, but for anyone who does not fit neatly into strict male or female gender presentations. Whether North Carolina or California, public schools should be considered safe havens for our students, communities, and the educators who serve them. No educator, regardless of whether or not they conform to gender stereotypes, should have to go to work and fear any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening disruptive behavior may occur against them.”

UTLA is asking the LAUSD to take action and protect its employees from harassment and discrimination.

I have not been seen any reports of teachers or employees at this elementary school being harassed.

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