Whoopi Goldberg shouts down audience as it boos Governor Sununu's stance on gun control

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Sometimes a liberal will do something right and I feel the need to take notice of that action, mostly because it is rare. In this case, it was during Thursday’s broadcast of ABC’s The View. Lead host Whoopi Goldberg was interviewing New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and the topic of gun control came up. In specific, the AR-15 and banning purchases of that weapon.


Sununu is a moderate Republican, as are many Northeast Republicans, and maybe the ladies around the table thought he would cave and say banning AR-15s is a good solution to horrible events like school shootings. That isn’t what happened. Sununu said, no, he wouldn’t ban any guns. Period. Not even the AR-15. Whoopi asked why he was hanging on to this one specific gun, so he began to answer and the live studio audience, mostly comprised of other liberal women, started booing Sununu. Whoopi leapt into action and immediately shut them down. What? I know.

Here’s the clip. As soon as she heard the boos begin, she let them know she wasn’t having it.

Some observations from the clip. No, I don’t watch that hideous show, life is too short. I see the clips online, though, and that is how I found this one. Note that Sununu kept his sense of humor and laughed as Whoopi fussed at the audience, as a mother would to her unruly children. Then there was the useless token conservative (allegedly) Alyssa Farah Griffin, who sits on her perch and laughs as the audience boos. And, most irritating of all was that Joy Behar referred to the gun as “the automatic rifle that kills a bunch of children.” Why don’t conservatives correct gun-grabbing liberals when they misrepresent weapons? The AR-15 is not an automatic rifle. It’s a semi-automatic rifle. That distinction makes a difference. Maybe she thinks “AR” means automatic rifle, like I heard Geraldo Rivera say once. Sununu should have corrected her and yet he let it slide. (Yes, my name is Karen.) He could have explained that an automatic weapon is, for example, a machine gun. Those are not allowed to be sold in this country.


Anyway, as I step down from my soapbox, I want to mention that Whoopi made a good point when she told the audience to knock it off. Everyone should be heard. No one is going to be perfect, as she was referring to Sununu and other politicians, yet it’s important to hear what everyone has to say so we know where they are coming from. Then Joy piped up and said no Republicans would ever come on the show if they were treated this way. Holy smokes! Two of the ladies on The View spoke up for freedom of speech, even though that speech was about a conservative politician’s determination to get his point across that he will not support banning guns. It’s like they were in opposites world. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the show and there have been boos from the audience when something is said that offends their delicate constitutions. Liberal women are so delicate and thin-skinned. They simply lose their minds when a difference of opinion is discussed.

Sununu spoke in favor of additional mental health funding and more opportunities for troubled individuals to get the help they need. The audience didn’t want to hear that, though. They didn’t want to hear anything short of gun bans.

Sununu is toying with the idea of running for president. I don’t look for him to do it. I think he’s stringing along the legacy media and the CNN anchors who always ask him about running. He usually is coy and says he’s not ready to make any announcements. The governor said his state of New Hampshire is ‘the safest in the country’ though it has few gun ownership restrictions.


He pointed to Chicago, which has the tightest gun ownership laws but also some of the worst gun violence.

‘When people are in crisis, they have nowhere to turn. They resort to violence. We don’t do the right things in terms of locking down our schools and protecting.

‘No, I’m not banning any guns. I’m gonna provide access to mental health. We’re gonna get at the core of the issue,’ he said.

That is a pretty standard conservative answer. Both DeSantis and Trump have received endorsements from New Hampshire state lawmakers. If Sununu was going to run, wouldn’t he have gotten those for himself? He’s a popular governor in his state.

If he is going to run, he’ll have to make up his mind pretty soon. Until then, he can relish that two liberal women spoke up for him against a rude and obnoxious audience of other liberal women. This time, anyway.

One thing Sununu is doing is raising money off his appearance on The View. An email landed in my inbox which touted his appearance and asked for a donation to his super PAC, Live Free or Die PAC. He said he goes on shows like The View because Republicans have a good message but are really bad at selling it. He’s right about that. Republicans have always struggled with communication. We need more Ronald Reagans.

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