About last night... DeSantis and Musk launch a presidential campaign. Trump responds.

About last night... DeSantis and Musk launch a presidential campaign. Trump responds.
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Did Donald Trump have a stroke last night? After Governor Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy with Elon Musk and David Sacks on Twitter Spaces, Donald Trump responded on Truth Social. DeSantis is over the target and it is causing some interesting reactions. Trump’s, for example, was odd – even for him.

At the time, Beege and I commented on that hot take. I asked if Trump had a stroke because I have no idea what he is trying to say. Sure, he got in the disrespectful jab with calling DeSantis “Rob” and not Ron. That’s juvenile but very Trumpy. The stuff about his red button versus DeSantis’ and his friend in North Korea just doesn’t make any sense. Is that the best hot take Trump could come up with?

It was my first time using Twitter Spaces but it was pretty easy to navigate. I followed the Twitter account and on its page, there was a list of ‘conversations’ for followers to join. I tried it by joining a pre-launch conversation going on with a bunch of conservatives I’m familiar with and it was interesting to hear their opinions. Then it was time for the Elon Musk and DeSantis event. I live-blogged it for Hot Air and it had some problems but it ended up just fine. When it comes to live-blogging an event, I’m your girl. I usually do it on my own Twitter page anyway so I’m experienced after all these years on social media.

The opening of the conversation was frustrating because of some glitches it experienced with server overload. Musk had to reallocate more juice, apparently, because the response from listeners (Twitter Spaces is audio only) was overwhelming the server’s capacity. The DeSantis haters were complaining about him using Twitter and associating with Elon Musk but look what is happening today. The Twitter Spaces launch is what people are talking about. It was a first in campaign announcements. Were there some problems at first? Yes. Most people understood that stuff happens in these situations. Let the Trumpers mock it and let the NeverTrumpers and Democrats join them. Who cares? David Sacks and Musk, along with DeSantis rolled with it. No one was angry or upset. Everyone was in good humor. It was fine. It was a good problem to have.

We know DeSantis is over the target because of those mocking him. Trump welcomed the others but attacked DeSantis. Trump put up responses on Truth Social, I’m told, because I don’t have an account, and the ads say that DeSantis is attacking Trump. The opposite is happening, though, and that is what is noteworthy. He doesn’t attack Trump by name. He talks about policy and actions. It’s not personal, as it is with Trump. Trump even used an AI-generated Twitter Space conversation that includes Soros, Hitler, Cheney, and the Devil participating. Really?

Hugh Hewitt noted that the glitches at the beginning wasn’t a big deal.

There is this from a New Hampshire state representative.

The Washington Post had a hot take on how Twitter handled the event.

Anyway, DeSantis stayed over the agreed upon time to make up for the time lost at the beginning. Then he went on Fox with Trey Gowdy. He and Gowdy served in the House together. Gowdy’s interview was heavy on policy and it was a good interview. DeSantis knows policy and how Congress works. That’s a bonus. I think DeSantis is the complete package – Congressional experience, military experience, and executive experience as a governor. His well-rounded experience shows.

Super Trump loyalist Laura Ingraham on Fox interviewed David Sacks on her show.

Here’s the thing – people are dinging DeSantis for launching on social media but he’s using all platforms. Yes, he officially started out on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk but what conservative wouldn’t take that opportunity if they were given the opportunity? That is guaranteed campaign gold. I saw a tweet from Team DeSantis that donations totaled over $1M in the first hour after he announced. Not too shabby, right?

There will be a traditional campaign rally and all the things that involves. There’s a rally scheduled in a sports stadium for DeSantis so that sounds traditional. There are radio interviews scheduled, television interviews, and the whole shebang. He is going everywhere as he starts his campaign. I don’t get the criticism. Just because he tried something new? Really? Don’t we want someone who is a little innovative and willing to think outside the box? He broke Twitter. No other candidate has done that.

Here’s a typical take from a NeverTrump Lincoln Project grifter.

This is going to be a brutal campaign. Trump will make sure of that. He’s been riding DeSantis for months and not touching any of the other candidates. He knows who his competition is and he tried to bully DeSantis out of running but it didn’t work. The disloyal claims are nonsense. This is politics. Everyone runs their own race. And the wait-your-turn logic? That is so old-school Republican. Those days are gone. Republicans have a young, vibrant field. Well, mostly. DeSantis is 44 years old. Ramaswamy is 37. Nikki Haley is 51. Both Ramaswamy and Haley are favoring Trump so far, likely hoping for a vice-presidential spot if he is the candidate. Neither will be chosen by Trump, though.

DeSantis is a happy warrior and that ticks off a lot of people. He focuses on issues and policy instead of personal attacks and our politics has gotten so far away from that these days that audiences aren’t used to an absence of anger and angst from candidates. Think Reagan. Reagan didn’t waste time on petty attacks. His attitude drew people in and they listened to him as he offered a positive outlook for the future. DeSantis is on that same path. It’s why he unifies voters and was able to turn a purple state into a bright red state.

Last night was an interesting experiment. Look for others to do it, too, though they mock DeSantis now. Musk made a point of telling the audience that all candidates are welcome to use Twitter Spaces for an event. They’ve done a test run. Next time it will go smoother. DeSantis and his team are smart. This is what people are talking about today.

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