Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman should be held accountable

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My friend Teri Christoph at Smart Girls Politics describes Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman as “enableists.” It’s a term she made up and it perfectly captures the abusive behavior of political wives who are overcome by their own desire for power at the expense of the health of their husbands. It’s a play on a favorite word used by the left these days – “ableism.”


The definition of enableists is: “Democrat political wives who willingly subject their ill husbands to public ridicule with the sole purpose of amassing political power. See: Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman.” Teri says “The Toxicity Twins” have a lot to answer for.

Oh, go ahead and admit it. You’ve been thinking it, I’ve been thinking it, we’ve all been thinking it: What the hell is going on with these Democrat broads who are allowing their enfeebled husbands to be propped up, used and humiliated on the daily?

The enfeebled husbands, of course, are Joe Biden and John Fetterman, current lieutenant governor of — and Democrat candidate for the open Senate seat in — Pennsylvania. Their not-so-better halves are are The Toxicity Twins themselves, otherwise known as Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman. These two have taken the concept of “enabling” to a new and utterly repulsive level.

We’ve all watched and cringed over the last two years, or more, as Jill Biden stepped into the role of chief handler of her husband. Her raw personal ambition is on display any time she appears in public. She steps up and guides Joe away from the press if uncomfortable questions are asked, she takes his arm and helps him navigate a room, and she butts in and speaks for poor old Joe when he isn’t making a whole lot of sense – which is a frequent occurrence. It’s well-known that she was the one pushing Joe to run for president in 2008, and then again in 2020. In 2008, he had to settle for runner-up as Obama’s vice-president. The point is she has the veto power to stop the madness, yet she only encourages more of it. She is all-in for him to run in 2024 though for now, mostly due to FEC regulations, she remains coy, as does he as he says it is his “intention” to run for re-election.


Here is a cringey excerpt from Jill’s memoir about her determination to keep Joe out of the 2004 presidential election:

Political advisors had been in Jill Biden’s living room for hours, trying to persuade her husband to run for president, while she sat by the pool, “fuming.”

She and Joe Biden, then a senator, had already decided against a second presidential bid in 2004. She had “forbidden any campaign talk.”

And then, her temper got the best of her.

“A Sharpie caught my eye,” she wrote in her memoir “Where The Light Enters.” “I drew NO on my stomach in big letters, and marched through the room in my bikini.

“Needless to say, they got the message,” she continued.


Last week, Joe Biden spoke with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart and just drifted off in mid-answer to the question of whether or not “Dr. Biden” wants him to run for re-election. It looks as though he is having a mini-stroke but then he recovers to do his best to answer the question.

The president ultimately said his wife thinks “that we’re doing something very important, and that I shouldn’t walk away from it.” He has his “intention” is to run in 2024. The president has not, however, made a formal decision and has not officially filed re-election campaign paperwork that would trigger various federal requirements, such as adhering to fundraising limits and disclosing campaign income and expenditures.

Got that? Jill thinks “that we’re doing something very important, and that I shouldn’t walk away from it.” Important for whom? It’s sure not American taxpayers who provide the two of them with a very comfortable lifestyle. Joe Biden has driven the economy over a cliff, potentially made America dependent on nefarious dictators for future energy needs, thrown open the southern border to human traffickers and drug cartels and unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants, and crime is rising everywhere. He does not dare ask any American if their life is better off after two years of Joe Biden in the White House.


For now, Jill is busy on the campaign trail trying to help endangered Democrats win their re-election races. She isn’t any more popular than her husband but she can draw a crowd, if we are to believe her supporters. On Saturday she is going to New Hampshire to campaign with incumbent Senator Maggie Hassan, a vulnerable Democrat in a race now called a toss-up against Republican Don Bolduc.

Jill Biden, for her part, isn’t expected break out the Sharpie again, at least anytime soon. Evidence of her support for her husband’s presidency can be found all over the midterm elections campaign trail. Between writing classes she teaches at Northern Virginia Community College, she has been zig-zagging across the country for campaign events and fundraisers, raising millions of dollars for Democrats and touting Biden’s achievements in office, from gun safety legislation to prescription drug affordability.

“Just imagine what he could do with a few more partners in Congress,” she said at a recent fundraiser in Nashville.

On to Gisele Fetterman. Her grab for political power is a little more obvious. She jumps in front of the cameras and speaks so that her impaired husband, running as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate and the current Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, does not have to speak to reporters. He can only speak with electronic help from teleprompters and closed caption prompts because that is how he processes questions. Ever since the disastrous debate performance that exposed just how severely Fetterman is impaired, Democrats are showing more concern over his ability to carry out the duties of a senator, if he wins against Republican candidate Mehmet Oz. Gisele Fetterman lowered expectations before the debate.


Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama are scheduled to campaign for Fetterman in upcoming days before the election. Joe has been in Pennsylvania already a couple of times to campaign for Fetterman, one of the few candidates that welcomes campaigning with the president. Biden doesn’t really tout any reasons to elect Fetterman, other than to keep a Democrat majority in the Senate. Biden focuses on the alleged successes of his administration.

Gisele Fetterman sees a bright future for herself. She has a pinned tweet on her Twitter page that proudly announces she is a “formerly undocumented immigrant.”

She posted a photo of herself and Joe Biden on Air Force One.

Dave Matthews did a Get Out the Vote concert for Fetterman.

She likes the spotlight and she’s a hyper-progressive activist. She weirdly called swimming racist but wanted the lt. governor’s mansion she lives in because it has a swimming pool. She wanted to turn it into a public pool.


Gisele Fetterman began speaking about the lieutenant governor’s mansion in Pennsylvania and how the couple wanted to open up the pool to the public in an effort to “right some of the wrongs” of “racist” swimming.

“While we did not want the mansion, that mansion came with a pool I wanted. And the dream was to make this a public pool and turn it into the people’s pool and ensure that young people across Pennsylvania could learn how to swim and water safety and kind of work to right some of the wrongs,” Gisele Fetterman stated during her segment with iGen Politics podcast.

“Historically, swimming in America is very racist, and usually when you look at drowning statistics, it usually effects children of color because of lack of access,” Gisele Fetterman claimed.

A Rolling Stone reporter tweeted that Giselle is the “de facto candidate” in the race. Then he deleted the tweet and posted that she is a campaign surrogate. He had it right in the first tweet.

Both Jill and Gisele send off Edith Wilson vibes. They should be held accountable for their actions, which amount to elder abuse at this point. Encouraging and pushing their husbands to do jobs they are not physically or mentally equipped to do is just cruel. The only way to stop the insanity is at the ballot box.

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