Nikki Haley slams The View's Sunny Hostin as a racist for saying Haley acts like a “chameleon” to hide heritage

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Liberal hypocrites are not having good days lately. They keep getting exposed for what they are, which really sets them off. The latest example happened on ABC’s The View on Tuesday. The panel of hideous liberal hosts on that daytime show keeps most conservatives from tuning in, even with the addition of a token moderate Republican in the mix. The message is loud and clear. Conservative women are not welcome.

Former White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to President Trump in 2020, Alyssa Farah Griffin, the current token Republican woman, listed off several Republican women she would like to see challenge Trump in 2024 if he decides to run for president again. Griffin has joined the ranks of The Resistance so she earned a spot on the show. When Griffin mentioned the name of Nikki Haley, liberal Sunny Hostin interrupted Griffin and made a very racist remark against Haley. Hostin accused Nikki Haley of acting like a “chameleon” and shielding her Indian heritage behind a fake name. That “fake name” is Nikki. Except it isn’t a fake name at all. It’s not a nickname, either. It is Haley’s legal middle name as it appears on her birth certificate.

Hostin is the one who does not go by her given name. Her name is Asunción Cummings Hostin. She calls herself Sunny, she told Griffin during their back and forth on Haley because Americans are too stupid to correctly pronounce her name. “Most Americans can’t pronounce Asunción because of the under-education in our country.” Credit to one liberal on the show, Sara Haines for reminding Hostin that her name is not really Sunny.

Griffin lamely tried to speak up for Haley but Hostin doubled down on the ignorant remarks.

Griffin pointed out that “a lot of people don’t go by their actual real names,” and she later brought up the fact that Haley has been known as “Nikki” since childhood.

Griffin speculated that as a woman of Indian heritage growing up in South Carolina in the ’70s, she may have opted to change her name “to avoid prejudice.”

Hostin, however, doubled down on her critique, saying: “Yes, there are some of us that can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicities, so that we can pass …”

Nikki Haley has never hidden her Indian heritage. She wrote a memoir and addressed growing up in the first Indian family in a small Southern town, Bamberg, South Carolina, in the early 1970s. Her name is Nimrata Nikki. She has gone by Nikki, which roughly translated from Hindu means “little one”, since at least her high school days.

If you’ve followed even a little of Nikki Haley’s career, you know she doesn’t back down, especially from progressive bullies. A conservative woman would never have been allowed to get away with saying what Hostin did about Haley but that’s the point. Progressives are never held accountable if they are mocking or criticizing a conservative minority. It’s completely acceptable to them. Hostin won’t be fired and probably won’t bother to apologize to Nikki because that is how it is. So, Nikki called Sunny a racist and confirmed that her name is her name.

Good for her. Whether it is the limousine liberal meltdown on Martha’s Vineyard or the racist musing on The View, liberal hypocrisy is finally being called out for what it is. Also of note, other co-hosts on the show go by names they’ve made up. Other than Sunny, Whoopi Goldberg’s name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. Joy Behar’s name is Josephine. Since we’re all into name accuracy these days … 

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