McConnell: Sending illegal migrants to blue states like Delaware is "a good idea"

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voiced his support Tuesday for migrant planes and buses going to blue states, including Delaware. He said it’s “a good idea” for migrants to be moved near Biden’s beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware, and other blue states. There was a rumor floating around all day Tuesday that Governor DeSantis was sending a plane of migrants to Delaware but that didn’t happen.


McConnell and other Republicans are lining up to support governors moving illegal migrants away from the border and into sanctuary cities. “There’s been a good deal of talk about what some of the governors have done to transport illegal immigrants up to other parts of the country. I personally thought it was a good idea,” McConnell said. Me, too, Mitch, and so do lots of other Americans who are appalled that the Biden border crisis is completely ignored until something drastic happens. If Governors DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey have to offer free transportation to the east coast or other parts of the country for the illegal migrants to get attention to the humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border, so be it. DHS has been moving illegal migrants around the country, often in the dead of night, for almost two years without a peep of criticism coming from Democrats or their cohorts in the media. When red state governors start doing it, paid for by their state taxpayers, suddenly it’s an inhumane thing to do and a political stunt.

Mitch McConnell let loose on critics and stated the case for pointing out liberal hypocrisy.

McConnell defended DeSantis and the other GOP governors by arguing that Republican-governed border states still have to deal with many more migrants who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border on a daily basis than Democratic states such as New York, Massachusetts and Illinois.

“If you added up all of the illegals who have been taken to Chicago or Washington or Martha’s Vineyard, it would be fewer than people down in Texas have to deal with on a daily basis,” he said.

He added that it’s pretty clear that in the upcoming midterm elections, voters are focused on inflation, rising crime around the country and “the open borders.”

McConnell took a shot at Harris for claiming in a recent interview that the southern border is secure.

“When the vice president says the border is secure, it’s absurdly incorrect. And I think these are the kinds of things the American people would look to this administration for some solutions on and so far they are lacking,” he said.

McConnell defended the bussing and flying of migrants to liberal enclaves around the country earlier Tuesday when he delivered his opening remarks on the Senate floor.

He said the governors of Texas and Arizona are now giving “some Democrat-run states and cities just a tiny, tiny taste of what border communities have been enduring, literally, for years.”


When a reporter asked Sleepy Joe about the rumor that DeSantis was sending a plane to land near his vacation mansion on the beach in Delaware, Biden replied, “He should come visit. We have a beautiful shoreline.” How’s that for a response? Biden thinks it is better to be snarky than to stand and deliver a real response that might have included addressing the porous border of his own making. But, Biden is not a serious man.

Officials in Delaware took the rumor seriously, though, and mobilized volunteers and community groups in case a plane landed. But, as I said, it didn’t happen.

We have no reports of anyone arriving at this point,” said Jill Fredel of the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services after officials waited for hours for the plane to arrive at Delaware Coastal Airport in Sussex County.

Monday night, reports surfaced that another plane was scheduled to depart Texas on Tuesday and then head to the Delaware Coastal Airport, about 20 miles west of Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach. Flight plans filed late Monday indicated the plane would travel from San Antonio to Delaware, with a short layover in Crestview, Florida.

But what actually happened remains fuzzy.

The plane had not left Texas as of 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, but Delaware Gov. John Carney’s spokesperson Emily David Hershman said the governor’s office was aware of the reports and was preparing for the potential arrival.

Reporters and photographers from the USA TODAY network looked for signs of the aircraft in Texas and Florida. No plane took off. No plane landed.

Officials later said no plane is expected.


I hope a plane does land there. I’d like to see planes, or buses, arriving in lots of liberal enclaves as often as possible until the White House responds with something other than name-calling the governors or saying the border is secure. What liberals are truly angry about is that they have been exposed for who they truly are. They love the brown people illegally entering our country until they actually show up in their communities and then they must go. The Venezuelans who landed at Martha’s Vineyard were bused out of there in only a matter of hours. The Republican governor called out the National Guard and bused them to a military facility on Cape Cod. What a welcome! It was just like the kind of response they might expect in their native Venezuela – the military escorting them to a government facility for lockdown. Is that their idea of compassion?

Rest easy, Delaware. The brown people did not arrive in your state. Yet. Keep on your toes, though, because you never know when a red state governor may hold your public officials to their word. Virtue-signaling about sanctuary cities comes with accountability now.

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