Jill Biden, Surgeon General do damage control as second shipment of baby formula arrives at Dulles

Jill Biden, Surgeon General do damage control as second shipment of baby formula arrives at Dulles
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Jill Biden took time out from her busy schedule as ambassador and as a diplomat to save her husband’s Summit of the Americas to help soften the perception that Joe Biden is completely incompetent. She and Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy greeted the arrival of the second shipment of baby formula from overseas.


A photo op was staged for the two and both spoke. Jill Biden’s job was to soften Grandpa Joe’s image as a clueless and out of touch boob and the surgeon general’s job was to back her up. Never let a crisis go to waste, right? Jill’s sudden interest in the baby formula shortage may have been a response to former First Lady Melania Trump’s remarks earlier this month. Melania slammed a lack of leadership in the current administration as the reason that American parents are scrambling to find baby formula so that they can feed their babies. She’s right, of course, but Jill’s job was to gaslight in support of her husband’s failing presidency.

The shipment of baby formula arrived at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. The 100,000 pounds of baby formula was unloaded and transported to a Nestle facility in Pennsylvania by cargo trucks. The shipment is the equivalent to 1 million 8-ounce bottles. It was the second shipment under Operation Fly Formula. ‘

I’m here today to say to parents, you aren’t alone at the highest levels of Joe’s administration. He and his team understand what you’re going through and they are finding solutions. And they won’t stop until all parents can get the formula all their children need,’ she said.

Biden also thanked the pilots who flew the shipment and the cargo workers at Dulles who unloaded it. She posed for photos with the group.

“They won’t stop”? They – the Biden administration – only just got started. They were alerted last October that a baby formula shortage was in the works and they did nothing but allow the FDA to shut down the Abbott plant with no back-up plans for the formula that would not be manufactured there while the plant remains closed. If you haven’t read Ed’s post on the FDA timeline, go here and do so. It’s an eye-opener, even for this administration.


Abbott deserves the majority of the criticism but the FDA and the Biden administration played their own roles in this catastrophe. The Biden administration has no plan for anything, apparently. It is continually being caught off guard and then trying to play catch-up when a problem turns into a crisis. It is the administration’s neglect that adds fuel to a growing crisis. They only seem to act when they are forced to do so.

Jill brought along the surgeon general to address the formula shortage.

‘I want every parent who is concerned about the formula supply chain challenge to know something for a lot of people across the administration including myself. This is a deeply personal issue. I have two small kids at home,’ Murthy said.

‘And it was just a few years ago that my own son was on infant formula. I know firsthand just how important it is to parents that they have confidence in their ability to safely and securely feed their child and I know how frustrating and scary it can be when that security is out of reach. That is why we will not rest until every parent has the formula they need for their child,’ he added.

The two of them recorded a PSA last week. Last week.

The PSA aired before the administration announced Operation Fly Formula.

‘You should know that the president has been working tirelessly to increase the supply. He’s worked with manufacturers to increase their production capacity,’ Murthy said in the announcement.

‘He’s also worked those same manufacturers and the FDA to get the closed factory back online with strict safety standards. And finally, he’s worked with the FDA and partners to import supply from abroad safely.’

Biden added: ‘Most of all, know that we’re here for you and you’re not alone.’


Sorry, guy. It’s been proven over and over again that Joe Biden isn’t working on anything “tirelessly.”

Parents weren’t exactly comforted by Jill’s statement that they aren’t alone.

The First Lady’s message – which comes just days after her predecessor, Melania Trump, slammed the Biden Administration’s response to the crisis – was met with heavy criticisms on Twitter from frantic mothers and fathers wade through empty grocery shelves in a struggle to find food for their babies.

‘What a load of c**p. Basically you’re saying, if your baby can hang on for however long, you may have formula produced in another country?’ one concerned citizen penned. ‘This message shares ZERO about help from the shortage. Babies cannot go without it.’

The second shipment was for the remainder of the first shipment’s allotment of special hypoallergenic formulas for children with cow’s milk protein allergy.

There has been a push lately by Democrats who are alarmed by Biden’s deep disapproval ratings as we go into the November midterm elections. Democrats have been fanning out to appear on Sunday shows and others to try to convince voters that this administration isn’t as inept and failing at every turn. So far it hasn’t worked. Biden’s still slidin’ in the polls. Americans are not stupid. They see rising prices everywhere they go. There’s a Biden border crisis and Putin’s war in Ukraine. We still don’t have complete closure over the withdrawal from Afghanistan – that was when Americans first saw how deeply flawed Biden is as president. The list goes on. President Unity has taken to blaming Republicans for all his failures. It’s all a hot mess. Jill Biden and the surgeon general are the latest two to go out and try to present a softer, gentler message. It’s too little, too late, though. Biden has been exposed. All the “we care” photo ops aren’t going to change that.


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