Woke county judge invites Disney to relocate to Texas

Woke county judge invites Disney to relocate to Texas
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A county judge in Texas went rogue and sent a letter to the Walt Disney Company inviting the corporation to relocate to Texas. The invitation is in response to Governor DeSantis signing a bill abolishing the self-governing Reedy Creek Improvement District. The judge embraces the transformation of Disney as a family-friendly entertainment company into a woke corporation focusing on the politics of the day.

Fort Bend County Judge K.P. George sent a letter to Disney CEO Bob Chapek to take advantage of DeSantis abolishing Disney’s 55 year old tax and land privileges which were negotiated by Walt Disney. The agreement, known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District Act, went into effect in 1967 just months after Disney’s death. The corporation received permission to govern its own 25,000 acre theme park. The corporation got sideways with DeSantis and other Republican lawmakers, as well as conservatives around the country, when it jumped into opposing a parental rights bill which bans classroom discussion on gender and sexuality for very young children ages 5 to 7.

It’s a bad decision by Disney to politicize the exploitation of such young children by progressive teachers indoctrinating them into a LGBTQ agenda. They are too young to be exposed to mature ideas of sexual fluidity and gender dysphoria. Nonetheless, Judge George inserted himself into the discussion for the sake of his own re-election.

Remember, county judges are not necessarily actual members of the judiciary. They are not typically “real” judges. In Texas, a county judge is the CEO of the county. K.P. George, born in southern India, is not a lawyer. He came from the financial world and was elected to the Fort Bend ISD school board before being elected as Fort Bend County Judge in 2019. He is up for re-election this year. The letter is a political stunt, though he does not admit it.

George is acting on his own, a rogue move by a partisan politician. Typically it falls to the governor to work with companies and encourage them to relocate to the state. George admits he has not spoke to elected officials in Austin. He just wants to virtue signal about diversity and name call the Republican Florida governor. “He described Fort Bend as a ‘welcoming and diverse place to do business’ in contrast to the ‘authoritarian, anti-business and culture war attacks’ from DeSantis.”

Judge George tweeted: ‘From Timone & Pumba to Tinker Bell, Disney characters are as diverse as Fort Bend County families. I welcome @Disney to visit Fort Bend County as your next destination while you face attacks from the modern day political extremists like @RonDeSantisFL.’

This isn’t the first such stunt he’s pulled. He wrote the same kind of letter to Twitter leadership when Elon Musk became interested in buying the social media company.

George reached out to Disney without actually having any plans in place to offer the corporation. He has no specifics in mind. Interestingly enough, a local news station posed twelve questions to him about his action and it did not go well for him. The first question was from a viewer who asked if this is all about political pandering. (Duh.) He points to his interaction with Amazon in 2019, somehow taking credit for that company’s presence in the county.

If I had to pay attention to all the responses to people write you know I wouldn’t be able to do my job. And you know, I’m sorry that they feel the way they feel. You know when I wrote the letter in 2019, February 14, to Amazon, people said the same thing. We have two fulfillment centers there, one is also in Fort Bend County right now and so, if they feel that way, you know, God bless them. Thank God we live in the United States. They could express their opinion. You know, I have nothing else to talk to that person about their comment. And also, I want to be respectful to people but you know, they’re simply commenting to my story.

As the chief executive in Fort Bend County, my job is to make sure every opportunity come our way and we take advantage of it and we reach out to these companies and you know and request their attention to our region, our county and I don’t know there is anything wrong or there is anything bad about it. And I believe in my county. And we are back to green threat level when it comes to managing COVID. We are No. 1 and No. 2 most of the time when it comes to managing COVID. We are back to normal almost. And we have numerous new companies started coming to our county. And you know, my job is to seek or reach out to these organizations and let them know our county is open for business and we have numerous advantages, highly skilled and educated workforce. We have phenomenal schools with the high graduation rates. …

It’s not him, viewer, it’s you and your audacity to question his motives.

George admits he has no location in mind to offer Disney for its consideration. When he claimed that his letter was not in response to politics in Florida, the interviewer challenged him.

With all due respect, in your email, in your letter, it said, “While you, your company, employees, and diverse fans face authoritarian, anti-business, and culture war attacks from extremists in Florida, we in Fort Bend are more than ready to welcome the Disney family with thousands of good paying jobs and billions of dollars of investments.” Is that not taking a stance, sir?

George claims he’s just pro-business. He doesn’t seem to understand that asking Disney to relocate to Texas is asking them to go from one conservative state to another one. Disney would likely take heat from the aggressive governor in Texas, Governor Abbott, who is sometimes mentioned as a potential GOP candidate for president in 2024, like DeSantis. (I’m not at all convinced of that, by the way.)

The county judge says, hey, of course he’s been to Disney. “Oh, I – of course. Who hasn’t, right? Everybody has been to Disney, yes, I did.” Well, not everyone, Mr. George. Somehow my husband and I managed to raise our son without including a trip to a Disney theme park in his childhood. We chose other theme parks.

It is refreshing to see a local news channel actually question George on the stunt. Of course it’s a political attack. His attacks only go one way – against what he perceives as conservative overreach. He’s not a serious man.

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