And then there were eight: Another one of Kamala's staff quits

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Another day, another resignation from the office of Kamala Harris. The resignation of a speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, makes resignation number eight.

Kate Childs Graham is Kamala’s head speechwriter, her director of speechwriting. The White House announced that Graham .“is leaving the office, but not the family.” Harris is “grateful for her service to the administration.“ Then a familiar statement – “We are excited for her next step.” That line has been used in announcements of other resignations from Kamala’s office. No word if Graham wrote it or not for Kamala. Perhaps working for the vice-president is looked upon as a springboard into career advancement in Washington, D.C. With her polling numbers at historical lows for a vice-president, though, I’m not sure how much of an advantage it is on a resume.


It’s not like Kamala is failing in her job on her own. Her staff plays a role. Granted, there are leaks coming from her office that she doesn’t bother to read the briefing reports from her staff before traveling or attending big events, and that isn’t their fault. She’s lazy and thinks she already knows everything. Kamala is still more into the role of a political operative than in her role as vice-president. She is clearly not up to the job of being a heartbeat away from the presidency. Kamala’s speeches and remarks have been criticized and that would be the responsibility of her speechwriters.

Kamala’s speeches and remarks often are criticized by conservatives because of the wrong-headed thinking coming through in them. For example, she compared the riot on January 6 to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Who wrote those remarks? The head speechwriter would have to sign off on them if she didn’t write them herself.

Last month, Harris compared the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington by al Qaeda terrorists.

Critics slammed the veep’s language, accusing her of a hyperbolic lack of historical perspective.

In October, in a speech marking Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day, Harris said that the US “must not shy away” from the “shameful past” of how the first European explorers “ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations.”


Democrats criticize Kamala’s remarks, too, especially when the progressive wing of the party doesn’t think she sounds crazy enough for them.

In June, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) ripped Harris for urging potential migrants from Guatemala to “not come” to the US-Mexico border, calling the advice “disappointing.”

“First, seeking asylum at any US border is a 100% legal method of arrival,” she said, according to Business Insider. “Second, the US spent decades contributing to regime change and destabilization in Latin America. We can’t help set someone’s house on fire and then blame them for fleeing.”

Graham is leaving at the end of the month. We’ve been writing about all the resignations coming from Kamala’s staff for several months. Her office is leaking like a sieve and it ain’t good. Kamala’s former aides have described her as a bully and unable to manage her office. Her office is supposed to be in reset mode. She and Biden are said to be ramping up travel outside of Washington to promote their administration’s agenda and boast of any successes they imagine they have had in Biden’s first year as the midterm elections approach. That means whomever replaces Graham will need to hit the ground running.

Herbie Ziskend, deputy communications director to the vice president, paid tribute to his departing colleague on Twitter.

‘Kate is committed, hard-working, hilarious – a great colleague and friend,’ he said.

‘I’ll miss working with her every day, but excited for her next adventure.’


So far, Kamala’s hires for the reset have raised questions.

We know that when chief spokesperson Symone Sanders left Kamala’s office, she parlayed that experience into a gig with MSNBC. Another staffer left to work for the Congressional Black Caucus. Others have left to pursue other opportunities. Kamala’s job is also iffy, if rumors of the possibility that she may be replaced as Biden’s running mate in 2024 are true. Biden denies it, as he recently did when he marked the anniversary of his inauguration.

In a press conference on the eve of the anniversary of his inauguration, President Biden said unambiguously that Harris would be his running mate for re-election in 2024.

“She is going to be my running mate – number one. And number two, I did put her in charge. I think she’s doing a good job,” Biden said.

Biden’s remarks were meant to assure his supporters that he will run for re-election in 2024. I’m still not convinced he will. He has the ego and desire for power but I’m not so sure he’ll be able to run with his clear mental decline being presented to voters on a regular basis and he looks physically frail. He’ll be the oldest president to run for re-election. The latest polling numbers from FiveThirtyEight shows Kamala’s at 42 percent approval. We’ll see if the reset in her office bears fruit for her.


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