Harris County Precinct Deputy brutally murdered during traffic stop, Mayor vows justice will be served

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A Harris County (Houston) Precinct 5 deputy constable was brutally murdered during a traffic stop early Sunday. What sets this horrendous act of violence against a law enforcement officer apart from most traffic stop cop shootings is that the deputy didn’t even get out of his car. The murderer jumped out of his vehicle and shot several times at the deputy with an assault-style weapon. He fled the scene.


Cpl. Charles Galloway, 47, pulled a white Toyota Avalon over about 12:45 a.m., according to police. Within moments of pulling over the car, a young male driver jumped out of the car and fired multiple times at the deputy. It all happened so fast that Deputy Galloway didn’t have time to get out of his car. He died on the scene.

Chief Troy Finner said that the Houston Police Department is investigating the shooting. He urged the suspect to turn himself in. “It’s senseless,” he said. “It makes no sense whatsoever.” He said the best thing the suspect can do is turn himself in peacefully. The description of the weapon as an “assault-style weapon” came from witnesses.

Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap issued a statement during a news conference outside Memorial Hermann at Texas Medical Center. He said that Galloway leaves behind a daughter and a sister.

“What we are seeing on a regular basis on the streets of Harris County has got to stop,” Constable Heap said. “These are not assaults, these are not attacks, these are brutal, brutal murders. This needs to stop.”

Like other big cities under Democrat control, Houston and Harris County has seen an escalation in all crimes, including homicides, in recent months.

“Corporal Galloway was very much loved by the men and women he served with,” Heap said. “There’s a lot of broken up officers who he meant a lot to in their lives.”

Galloway joined Precinct 5 in 2009, according to a department news release. He’d left a quiet neighborhood patrol shift to work as a field training officer in the department’s Toll Road Division.


Full disclosure – I live in Precinct 5. The words delivered by the mayor and the Harris County judge after the deputy’s death was announced ring hollow with many Houstonians.

“The person(s) responsible for taking Corporal Galloway’s life will be found and brought to justice. It is just a matter of time. There is no place you can hide.”

He asked anyone with information to call law enforcement.

“I am just heartbroken,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, “All I see is people who are dedicated to community service, dedicated to sacrifice. People have to wonder even more what happens when these officers go out on the street and leave their families behind.”

Former Houston police chief Art Acevedo, who marched with Black Lives Matter in Houston during the Summer of Love, tweaked Hidalgo with a response to her condolences.


What Acevedo doesn’t address is the problem in Houston, like other cities with Soros-supported district attorneys, of releasing criminals charged with felonies on bond. Bail is set at ridiculously low amounts. We don’t know if this murderer was out thanks to low bail because he killed the deputy and fled. He’s still at large. There hasn’t been any description released. So, yeah, Acevedo can point his finger at the backlog of felony cases, thanks to the apparent mismanagement by a whole field of Democrat judges in control but as long as the D.A.’s office releases these criminals back on to the streets, the problems will only increase.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg is a former Republican. The first time she ran for the office, she ran as a Republican. Then she had a falling out with local Republican leadership and switched to the Democrat Party. She assumed the office in 2017. Ogg is up for re-election in 2024. She isn’t a crazy progressive like those in other cities, she is considered more of a moderate, yet she is one of George Soros’ district attorneys now. When she ran in 2020 for re-election, she easily defeated other farther left candidates in the Democrat primary.

Houston’s homicide rate rose 17% in 2021. A major cause of that rise is repeat felony criminals out on bond getting arrested again and charged with another felony offense.


George Soros is backing Democrats and progressives at local levels of government, with a specific focus on district attorney races. Apparently he realizes that local and state elections matter as much, sometimes more, than federal elections. That is something Republicans realized and why Republicans control so many state legislatures. It matters. Soros supported Ogg’s primary challenger in 2016 but then went on to support her in the general election. He contributed a half-million-dollar advertising buy in the general election race.

This murder of Deputy Galloway is unimaginably gruesome. He never had a chance against the animal who killed him. God bless Galloway’s family and fellow law enforcement officers.

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