Pro-Biden PAC enlists 3 former Bachelorette contestants for ad to appeal to the ladies

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

There’s panic setting in from the Democrats over the 2022 mid-term elections and going forward the 2024 presidential election. Hoping to keep support from the Democrat and Independent women voters that elected Joe Biden in 2020, a pro-Biden PAC recruited three former Bachelorette contestants for an ad.

Mike Johnson, Matt Donald, and Luke Stone participated in previous seasons of the popular ABC dating game show. The idea coming from a powerful Democrat PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, is to use influencers on social media that appeal to specific groups of voters. These guys are to capture the attention of women voters. Democrats and Hollywood have a long history together so this isn’t so surprising. It’s just a bit too much on-the-nose, though. It reeks of panic if you ask me.

The ad begins by referencing two ‘historic’ bills passed -“The American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law” – and what they have done for Americans. Free money! Jobs! Clean water! See, Joe Biden has done so much for us in the eleven months he’s been in office, these guys can’t wait to see what else Biden will get done.

It’s not political they say. It’s about being an American. They never mention Build Back Better specifically but it’s pretty obvious that this is the intention. ‘More trillions, ‘mo better, right? Let’s see how many of the hundreds of thousands of jobs that the infrastructure law supposedly creates actually come to be. Remember during the Obama administration and its sweeping $800 billion stimulus package on infrastructure when he came into office in 2009? As it turned out, only $98.3 billion went to infrastructure and transportation. The shovel-ready projects that Obama talked up never existed and even later joked about that. Joe Biden was put in charge of managing that government boondoggle. Remember Solyndra?

Anyway, the Biden administration’s supporters are nervous about how things are shaping up for 2022. The BBB bill is stalled and who knows when, if ever, anything happens with it. Maybe some social media influencers can help out. During his presidential campaign, Biden used celebrities in campaign stops to try and attract crowds. He did interviews with the likes of singer Cardi B, who didn’t even know his first name and kept calling him “Biden” when she addressed him. So, American Bridge 21st Century PAC turned to the three former Bachelorette guys. Women voters outnumber men voters and the Democrats need them to win elections. Suburban women have soured on Joe Biden, though, especially those who are Independent voters. In order to turn the numbers around, the PAC is using the men to garner attention. Isn’t that a bit sexist? It implies women are so dumb that a handsome face will be able to convince them that Biden really isn’t effing everything up in this country. He’s great!

“The American Rescue Plan has helped millions of Americans and is still available to help you,” Johnson, who appeared on “Bachelorette’s” 15th season, says during a testimonial.

“For all these reasons and more, we want to lend our support to these programs and to what the Biden administration is trying to do for America,” says Stone, another season 15 “Bachelorette” contestant who once worked at a Washington bar.

“This is putting Americans first,” adds “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” alum Donald.

This is part of American Bridge 21st Century’s six-figure media program targeting women in three key states – Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Podcasters are also being used. The president of the PAC admits it’s a tactic aimed at women voters.

We know that women voters are key – but if we want to prevent 2010, we can’t use the same tired tactics we used in 2010,” American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd said in a statement, referencing a Republican wave year. “We have to meet voters where they are and build trust with them, which requires new and creative strategies to reach the voters who delivered our victories in 2018 and 2020 and who will decide our fate in 2022.”

You can bet that 2010 is weighing heavily on their minds. In 2010 Barack Obama was ‘shellacked’ by his own admission at the polls. He wasn’t on the ballot but voter displeasure with his administration’s agenda saw the emergence of the Tea Party and a huge red wave in those midterm elections. Anger over Obamacare was the motivation for the Tea Party forming. Now, with issues like parents being labeled as terrorists, CRT, pandemic mandates, aggressive teacher unions dictating policies, and rampant inflation, along with supply chain problems, voters are voicing their anger at Biden through poll numbers. It is clear that Biden isn’t up to the job he’s been elected to do.

It’s malarkey that the Batchelorette contestants’ message is bipartisan or not political. It’s paid for by a Democrat PAC that also has ties to Media Matters for America. Its Twitter bio reads, “We’re holding Republicans accountable.”

The American Bridge 21st Century, which has been funded by George Soros, spent tens of millions of dollars aiming to defeat Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. As Breitbart News reported, it launched an “anti-Trump war room” after Trump won in 2016 and more recently called for a nationwide hiring boycott of former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

No bias there, right? No roses for them.