Women's March asked for $14.92 donations, then realized it is Thanksgiving week

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Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday. Americans gather together and give thanks for the blessings of America. That is, except for woke Americans who are determined to ruin everything for everyone. To them, Thanksgiving is a reminder of genocide, colonization, and death to indigenous people.

This way of thinking about the pilgrims and the settling of our country is prevalent among the perpetually angry, especially liberal feminists. The Women’s March was in fundraising mode and sent out a letter to supporters asking for donations in the amount of $14.92. The organization claimed that this amount is the average donation amount received from donors. No big deal, right? Well, under normal circumstances, sure, but this is Biden’s America and nothing is normal. See, they were begging for bucks during Thanksgiving week and that amount is rather unfortunate. How can the organization possibly ask for $14.92 from its supporters when 1492 is “a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous people”? You remember the little ditty that schoolchildren learn to remember the year – Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen hundred and ninety-two.

We shouldn’t be saying Happy Thanksgiving, we should be recognizing Genocide Day. Liberals hate recognizing the founding of America and what our country stands for. They are even brainwashing the next generation into thinking the pilgrims were evil. It shows up in the entertainment industry every year like clockwork. This year, for example, during last week’s episode of the popular ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, viewers were subjected to a preteen girl spouting off that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated at all. She recited the talking points she likely was taught in a CRT-loving public school as her mother and aunt nodded in agreement.

An apology quickly ensued from the Women’s March. The plea for money using that suggested amount triggered delicate liberals. Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1492 and that cannot be recognized. The year is too triggering for the organization’s donors.

Ironically, speaking of genocide, a pro-abortion tweet noted the amount for donations in connection to the abortion cases in front of the Supreme Court right now. The tweeter is described as an indigenous environmental activist, and a Socialist Democrat.

A screenshot was posted by Daybreak PAC founder Jackie Fielder with reference to funding abortion rights.

And, this one is from the author of “New Handbook for a Post-Roe America” and “The End of Roe v. Wade” Operations Director”

Naturally, hilarity ensued from sane Americans. Following the apology, the usual suspects weighed in. Senator Ted Cruz cleverly asked for donations using references to other years.

The Babylon Bee questioned if the tweet was satire or not. It was hard to tell.

“This is the challenge for The Babylon Bee with all the woke stuff; it’s like trying to satirize a comedy,” Babylon Bee senior writer Frank J. Fleming tweeted. The Babylon Bee is a right-leaning site the does satire.

The Women’s March was founded out of hatred for Trump. Women were so hysterically triggered over his election that they thought it was perfectly normal to parade around in pink pussy hats. I’m old enough to remember when reducing women to their reproductive organs was considered a bad thing. Now that Trump is out of office, the group and their huge marches are not front-page news anymore. The cases before the Supreme Court right now – SB 8 from Texas and the Mississippi case that will be heard on December 1 – have the pro-abortion people nervous. Abortion is big business.

On the Women’s March timeline there is also a tweet promoting tips for quality time with your family during the Thanksgiving holiday. How about just leaving politics at the door and enjoying a nice meal and fellowship with loved ones and friends?

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