Witch hunt denied: Inspector General takes a pass on investigating Whipgate

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

The office of the Inspector General declined to investigate Whipgate, a wholely manufactured scandal of the Biden administration. Specifically, the Border Patrol agents who protect the southern border were accused of whipping Haitians and other migrants illegally crossing the Rio Grande River into Texas.

This is the scandal that never was legit from the beginning. A little more than a month ago, a Democrat operative working with former HUD Secretary and failed presidential candidate, Julian Castro, tweeted out a false claim that Border Patrol agents on horseback were whipping the migrants as they came on Texas soil. The story quickly blew up and open borders, anti-law enforcement Democrats lost their minds. Joe Biden quickly weighed in and convicted the Border Patrol agents of “strapping” the illegal migrants before the charges were even looked into by the appropriate agencies. So much for due process, eh, Joe? We understand why he was at the bottom of his law school class.

The story that was nothing but a misinformation campaign against border enforcement revolved around the misidentification of split reins used by mounted patrol as whips. The picture in your mind that the word ‘whip’ conjures up is not at all what the split reins used on the horses look like. The reins, one longer than the other, are used to control the horses, not human beings, in crowd control situations. Border Patrol agents were accused of being overly aggressive The misinformation campaign against the agents was the subject of countless hours on cable news channels. Democrats quickly began describing the non-existent whipping as a throwback to the days of slavery. Biden said that the agents “would pay” for their actions, which means he wanted retaliation against them for doing their jobs. And, of course, the use of the mounted patrol came to a halt, at least in the Del Rio area where the Haitians gathered by the thousands under an international bridge.

There were photographs of the mounted patrol at work and the photographer vouched for the agents – they didn’t whip anyone. That wasn’t good enough for Biden, though. His go-to position on everything is to divide Americans and attack law enforcement instead of supporting them until they are proven guilty of something. The White House promised an investigation and DHS Secretary Mayorkas took the agents accused of wrongdoing off their horses until the investigation was complete. That’s what you do when an area is under siege by thousands of illegal migrants, right? Just decrease the manpower that is securing the border. That’s the Biden way.

Mayorkas promised a speedy investigation and conclusion. In September he said it would be concluded in days, not weeks. That isn’t what happened, though. Today DHS finally released an update.

That’s a slap in the face to Biden and DHS. They deserved to be slapped. DHS sent the matter to the DHS Inspector General to investigate and that office took a hard pass. Instead, CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility is handling the investigation. That is how it should be. Witchhunt denied.

An actual process is involved here and after an investigation, CBP leadership will be briefed and decide if any disciplinary action should be taken. So, the process is still ongoing and there is no quick conclusion being promised. The important part of today’s update is that the investigation will not be further politicized by Democrats and their wingmen in the media. Border Patrol agents have a thankless, difficult, and stressful job. They are understaffed on the southern border and under-resourced. They deserve better than this, especially from the DHS secretary and the president.

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