Backtracking Biden: Families separated at border 'deserve some kind of compensation'

Obtained by Townhall

Earlier this week, Joe Biden was asked about a report that he will reach a settlement agreement with families that were separated at the southern border during the Trump administration. The number for financial compensation to these families was a staggering $450,000 per claim. That story continues to linger for Team Biden.

Let’s recap how Biden got here. The Wall Street Journal first reported that the Biden administration was in negotiations and reported the $450,000 number. When asked about the report during a press conference by FNC’s Peter Doocy, Biden denied the story. He called it a “garbage” report. He also blamed FNC for reporting on the story. The ACLU quickly responded, implying that Sleepy Joe doesn’t know what was happening in his own administration. (I think we can all agree with that.) Then, during a White House press briefing, deputy press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, brushed aside Doocy’s question on the subject and Biden’s claim that it was a “garbage” story by saying, Biden is perfectly comfortable with taxpayer dollars going to the families with claims against the government. Amid all the confusion – is this a real thing or is it not? – Republicans in the House introduced a bill that would stop Biden from doing so.

Since then, the question has been whether or not Biden is truly out of the loop or if there will be a financial settlement with the families as the ACLU said and Biden just isn’t ready to admit the amount that it will be. In other words, there will be financial compensation for those affected by family separation but maybe not as high as $450,000. Today Biden answered the question. Yes, there will be such settlements but he isn’t sure how much it will be.

Biden was asked about the settlements once again during a press conference Saturday morning. After spending time delivering a self-congratulatory speech over the passage in the House of the $1.2T “hard” infrastructure bill late last night, Biden answered the question – he said he was trying to get payments to the families and blamed Trump’s border policies as the reason. He said the families deserve a payment, he just doesn’t know how much it will be yet.

Fox News’ David Spunt asked: ‘You said last week, that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage.’

Biden interrupted: ‘No I didn’t say that, let’s get it straight, you said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000.’

Biden then was forceful in saying he would try to get payments to those families, criticizing former President Donald Trump’s border policy.

‘If in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border – whether it was legal or illegal – and you lost your child, you lost your child, it’s gone, you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance,’ he said. ‘What that will be, I have no idea.’

The initial amount reported by WSJ could end up being $1 billion or more because there are about 5,500 children involved, according to the ACLU. This sounds crazy, especially given that it is compensation given for breaking U.S. law and entering the country illegally. Agreeing to settle with illegal migrants just to spite Donald Trump and his administration at this point is quite telling. Biden is so Trump-obsessed that he’ll consider anything, no matter how misguided, to go the opposite direction. Because of Biden’s determination with doing the opposite of Trump, especially in something as important as the security of the southern border, he ended successful policies that were in place on the first day of his term. He stopped all he could, including putting a freeze on deportations. The consequences of Biden’s fecklessness in securing the border has brought historically high numbers of migrants flooding into the U.S. and a record number of those have been unaccompanied minors. Biden had his own kids-in-cages scandal yet the American media was willingly covering for Biden until Senator Ted Cruz led a group of members of Congress to the border and exposed one of the holding facilities that housed unaccompanied minors. They were crammed into overcrowded facilities yet there were no photo ops with AOC or any other Democrats crying over the situation. Joe Biden has created a humanitarian and public health crisis that Trump did not with his policies.

The Trump administration enacted the policy in April 2018 to discourage families from making the trip to the border. It is also a federal law that children are separated in order to protect them from adults in custody who may not truly be their family. Surely Biden remembers that this was so during the Obama-Biden border crisis. Oh, never mind. Biden doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning. Anyway, Biden found his angry old man voice and indignantly yelled about families “losing” a child. Too bad he’s not so indignant that not only do these groups of migrants cross into our country illegally but they also arrogantly feel entitled to financial compensation for the consequences of their illegal activity.

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