Jill Biden hits the campaign trail, heckling and protests ensue

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

The First Lady is being sent out on the campaign trail to shore up Democrat voters, likely the focus is on women Democrat voters and Independents. Joe Biden is sinking like a rock in polls and Democrat candidates are nervous that his unpopularity will drag them down, too. Enter Jill, the First Teacher, the mom, and the grandma, the soft and gentle voice of the Biden administration. Do not let her insatiable desire to please fool you, she is as politically ambitious as any elected official, including her husband.

First Lady Jill thrives during campaign rallies, whether for her husband or for other Democrat candidates. So, with the likelihood of a thumping in the mid-term elections by Republicans, Democrats are calling on the big guns in the party to get out and rally the base, to get Democrat and Independent voters engaged and ready to head out and vote. Look no further than the upcoming election in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Democrat fundraiser, and former Governor of Virginia would like his old job back. McAuliffe is likely to win the race, Virginia is a deep blue state, but if polls are to be believed, McAuliffe is having to battle it out with his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin. Two recent poll (Trafalgar Group and Nexstar/Emerson College polls) shows the race in a tie. That would be an incredible upset and Democrats are desperate to keep it from happening. Still, even a close victory on election night will send a message of doom and gloom for the mid-term elections for Democrats.

Is Jill Biden a big gun? She’s a familiar face, a loyal Democrat, and a willing campaigner with her high profile job as First Lady. It doesn’t hurt that she is a forceful and aggressive teacher union supporter/member. She fills the need for a big name to draw a crowd. As she campaigned for McAuliffe on Friday, some climate change alarmists created a ruckus with chants and banners, interrupting her speech. Democrats are eating their own and I’m here for it. The anti-fossil fuels freaks were there to cause a disruption. They weren’t there to send a message to the candidate, they were there to send a message to the president.

At McAuliffe’s rally, one of the marquee speakers was Dr. Jill Biden, who was featured prominently in campaign materials surrounding the event.

But her speech was briefly interrupted by protesters carrying banners reading “Reject pipelines protect the future.”

A statement posted by the group “Resist Line 3” on twitter after the event indicated that the Biden administration – not McAuliffe’s campaign – was the target of the protest.

You’ll notice that Jill tried to at first ignore the yelling and chanting and just speak louder into the microphone. When that didn’t work, she made a couple of cracks, like “You gotta love democracy.” Yes, we do, Jill. Too bad your husband and his DOJ are hell-bent to stifle the pursuit of democracy and freedom of conservatives.

The climate change alarmist protesters were led away by police.

Jill Biden is “ready to flex her political muscle”, as reported by her adoring fans in the press. She’s concentrating on gubernatorial races. She also campaigned for Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in New Jersey, her home state. She was the featured speaker during a campaign rally in Edison, New Jersey for Murphy before traveling to Virginia for the McAuliffe rally. It was an early voting rally at Middlesex College. She told the college crowd to grab a beer and go vote. She’s a cool mom and grandma, you know.

“We can’t get complacent. We have to get to work,” the first lady, who was born in New Jersey and clapped on stage to “It’s My Life,” by New Jersey icon and President Biden supporter Jon Bon Jovi, told the crowd in Edison. The loudest applause of the event came when Jill Biden joked, “Heck, today’s Friday. So go grab a beer and go vote.”

During the rally in Virginia, Jill said the state needs McAuliffe because they can trust him.

“Virginia, you need somebody that you can trust, and that’s Terry McAuliffe,” Biden said. She warned of misinformation becoming more prevalent online with Election Day looming, adding, “There are a lot of people who like to twist the words around. But we know Terry. We know his heart.”

The timing of Jill’s glowing praise of McAuliffe’s trustworthiness on Friday night was off, though, given a story published Saturday. Axios reports that an “energy giant” is quietly running attack ads against Youngkin to the tune of $200,000 though McAuliffe has allegedly sworn off money from the company. Oops. Don’t you just hate it when someone follows the money?

Sleepy Joe is acknowledging the importance of the two gubernatorial races.

Acknowledging the stakes, President Biden noted Friday to reporters while traveling in Connecticut: “Now, look, I think everybody understandably reads the two gubernatorial off-year elections as being a bellwether of what may happen. Sometimes it’s been right; sometimes it’s been wrong.”

He continued: “I think Terry is going to win. If he doesn’t win, I don’t know how much you read into that, but, you know, I — well, I think he’ll win.”

McAuliffe is planning on Biden making another campaign appearance with him in the near future, as well as Barack Obama and Stacey Abrams. McAuliffe needs to get black voters interested in voting in the election. Obama and Abrams will bring them out for a rally. Whether or not they follow up and go to vote is another story. Typically off-year elections don’t have the turn-out that presidential elections have. Republican voters, however, are fired up in Virginia and ready to vote.

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