Hunter Biden's art show tally: Five sales at $75,000 each, next show delayed

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Hunter Biden sold five pieces of his artwork at a price of $75,000 each. It is being reported that these sales were made before his “pop-up” gallery showing in Los Angeles last Friday. They were sold through the Georges Berges Gallery in Los Angeles. Does this mean that Hunter didn’t sell any pieces of art displayed on October 1 at Milk Studios?


Those in attendance were described as a “conservatively wealthy” crowd. One attendee admitted to accepting the invitation because she wanted to see who would turn up for such an event for the president’s son. The names of the buyers have not been released.

The Daily Mail ran exclusive photos and videos of the event which clearly show Hunter Biden playing host. His wife and two of his daughters were there. There is no way anyone can claim that any purchasers coming forward from the pop-up event were anonymous buyers. The White House and Hunter’s gallerist were supposed to have made a deal to keep the names of buyers anonymous to both Hunter and the White House so as not to appear as buying influence with the president. No one believed that to be the case when the agreement was reported, given Hunter’s long history of grifting off the Biden family name. Does anyone truly believe that Hunter wasn’t on the phone to his father after the showing last week, dropping names of those who showed up? The Big Guy always gets 10%, you know. Does anyone think that Hunter would not mention that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was there? He is Biden’s nominee to be ambassador to India.

Ethics lawyer Richard Painter says there is no veil of secrecy happening here. Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration. He currently serves as vice-chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. In 2018 he switched political party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. He was a frequent critic of Donald Trump. Painter said that Hunter should stop selling his artwork until after his father is out of office. Yeah, right. The whole reason he is selling it now is to cash in on the name while his father is president.


‘It shows the deal’s not going to be secret,’ Painter said of the show.

‘I think the White House needs to go to Plan B.’

Painter continued: ‘[Buyers] tend to be rich people, and rich people come to their houses and it tends to get around.

‘Everyone’s going to be talking about it and everyone’s going to know.’

He argues that the best way to prevent people from ‘gaining leverage’ over the White House by purchasing Biden’s artwork is to prevent sales of the work until his father, President Joe Biden, leaves office.

Painter also advocated for ‘full transparency’ of buyers’ identities and thinks the president and his appointees should ‘all sign recusal pledges to ensure these people can’t get access to the White House’.

‘We did that in the Bush White House,’ he told the news outlet.

‘If people tried to contact the government who were business partners of the Bushes, we made sure they contacted people who weren’t political appointees.’

A New York City art show at Berges’ Manhattan gallery, originally scheduled for this month, has been moved back to next spring. Lawyers are vetting individuals who want to view Biden’s art at the gallery. They are allegedly using a process to vet people, including that they have to call the gallery in Soho so that they can be vetted. CBS News Radio reporter Steven Portnoy asked a good question of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki earlier this week – ‘Should we expect to see more people who seek jobs in this administration attending events like this in the future?’ Portnoy is president of the White House Correspondents’ Association.


Look, Hunter Biden has a right to pursue a living. He’s a private citizen with a wife and children to support. He’s living large because he’s made a lot of money with the grifts of Biden, Inc. It is reported that he rented a house in Malibu for $20K a month. He is now under federal investigation for money laundering. It seems a bit too on-the-nose that he is selling expensive artwork (prices listed as in the $75,000 to $500,000 range) when art purchases are often used to launder money, doesn’t it? The Biden family is completely tone-deaf. The family has been associated with The Swamp that this is normal behavior for them. None of this passes the smell test.

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