Jezebel's very bad take on illegal alien harassing Senator Sinema in restroom

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

There are bad takes and then there are Jezebel-level bad takes. There has been lots of buzz about Senator Sinema’s harassment by socialist bullies in Arizona during her trip home last weekend. Not only did the bullies gather and harass her outside a class she was teaching but they also followed her into a public restroom.

None of this is acceptable behavior to anyone but the far left, and, as it turns out, President Biden. He brushed off a question from a reporter about the harassment of the senator who is not on board with his $3.5T social spending behemoth. She’s not exactly one of his favorite people right now but his response was still shocking – Biden said hey, it’s just part of the process. It happens to everyone except those who have Secret Service protection. The President of the United States is normalizing bullying an elected official in a public restroom. Remember, Biden campaigned on bringing a return to normal, the adults would be in charge again. What he meant to say was that he would usher in a new age of authoritarian behavior from the left and support it at every turn. Meh. No big deal.

A young illegal alien followed Senator Sinema into the restroom, phone in hand, and read off talking points. The senator went into a stall as the young woman said her piece. She talked about being in the United States illegally since early childhood, how her grandparents were deported, and that her grandfather passed away in Mexico. She was unable to go to his funeral because if she left the country she wouldn’t be allowed back in. Because she is here illegally. She blamed Sinema for a lack of a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. She claimed that she and her fellow bullies in the group walked door to door campaigning for Sinema so she must do as they say now, or something.

The leftist feminist online site Jezebel applauded the young bullies and framed the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure spending as a perfectly legit reason for such unacceptable behavior. Take a look at how the spending fever dream is described and then I’ll point out what is missing.

On Sunday, social justice organization Living United for Change in Arizona uploaded a video of activists asking Sinema to defend her opposition to President Biden’s Build Back Better Act, an ambitious package which promises additional covid-19 relief, an extension of the Child Tax Credit, the creation of millions of clean-energy jobs, the revitalization of the nation’s infrastructure, universal preschool, free community college, an extension of covid-19 economic relief, and more. The Biden administration intends to pay for the multi-trillion dollar bill by making wealthy Americans and corporations pay higher taxes.

One point that is missing from the description is of particular interest to the young woman reading off her cell phone – amnesty for Dreamers and other illegal aliens. That can’t be done through the reconciliation bill because the Senate parliamentarian nixed that idea by the Democrats. They won’t be allowed to ram amnesty through in the reconciliation bill, which still isn’t even written.

The author of the article in Jezebel was perturbed at both the left and right for criticizing the bullies. I refuse to call them activists. Activists don’t read manifestos in public restrooms. These people are immature bullies, mean girls and boys if you will. The person taping the confrontation in the restroom looked to be male and followed the young woman into the restroom. Nonetheless, criticism didn’t just come from one side of the aisle.

Fox News, predictably, published a headline asserting that Sinema was being “stalked.” Right-wing goons Jack Posobiec responded to LUCHA’s video by tagging the FBI. NBC’s Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent Garret Haake tweeted, “If you think this will be effective in moving Sinema, ask yourself when the last time was that you took unsolicited advice from a stranger in a bathroom.” It’s clear he’s never been in a woman’s club bathroom. And even The Nation’s justice correspondent, Elie Mystal, insisted, “There is absolutely no upside to protesting people while they’re in the bathroom.”

Given these reactions, one would think that an angry activist kicked open the bathroom door while Sinema was taking a massive dump. Instead, they just sort of stood around in a public space, politely but firmly demanding that Sinema to do the job they elected her to do. Even President Biden was seemingly unimpressed by all the whining, telling reporters during a Monday press conference that “It happens to everybody… it’s part of the process.”

He’s right. And for all the pearl-clutching, few are providing a more effective and safe alternative to what these activists did. They told Sinema, to her face—and through a door—that she was failing them and why. There was no violence, no rude language, nothing. Just a few constituents following their representative into a large bathroom to air their grievances. What should they have done instead? Call her office and direct their ire through a receptionist like surely countless Americans do each day? Write her a letter she won’t read? Vote her into office again and hope that, this time, she’ll deign them important enough to listen to?

But maybe it’s easier to act like a public bathroom is a sacred place than criticize the fact that Sinema decided to hide from her voters like a coward.

No, Jezebel, Biden is not right. (He’s never right.) It is not normal behavior to follow an elected official or anyone else into a public restroom to read off a rant. There were other women in that restroom who were caught up in a political video without their consent. Let the bullies go to a town hall to voice their grievances. Or, they can meet with Sinema at her local office. They can protest but not as they did. They can call her office or send a letter. They can do what everyone else does. Illegal aliens are not entitled to special treatment. Does anyone really think that such behavior will change the mind of Senator Sinema?

Arizona authorities are opening an investigation into the taping in the restroom by the bullies. It looks like personal privacy laws were broken. The Living United for Change group, by the way, is funded by George Soros. Soros’s Open Society Foundation is Living United for Change’s biggest donor.