Remote Arizona crossing is the newest hot spot for Haitian migrants

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A little-known area outside of Yuma, Arizona is becoming a popular crossing spot for illegal Haitian migrants. The remote area is referred to as The Gap because it is a break in the border fence close to the Morelos Dam. The break allows migrants an easy crossing of the Colorado River from Los Algodones in Mexico. The Yuma sector is reporting that the crossings are relentless and happening twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


The number of illegal aliens is exploding and the Border Patrol facilities are overwhelmed. While we’ve been focused on areas like Del Rio, Texas, for obvious reasons, other hot spots are popping up. So far, there has been a 2,399.6% spike in arrivals compared to this time last year, with up to 900 people crossing each day. They are not just Haitians but also from Colombia and Honduras. Word has been spread that The Gap is the place to go for easy entry.

In August, the most recent month for which figures are available, 17,000 crossed into Yuma compared to just 694 for the same time in 2020.

As a result, Border Patrol facilities are overwhelmed: even the tented overflow camp built in April and designed to hold 500 people is stuffed with 1,300 inmates.

Vincent Dulesky of Border Patrol Yuma Station said many of the arrivals come from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador but added they are seeing increasing numbers of Haitians – who made up the majority of new arrivals when visited.

Known to Haitians as ‘le Trou’, the migrants told that word has spread that The Gap is an easy place to cross.

‘We had heard of The Gap and people said this is the place to come,’ Wendell Fify, 17, said before he was bundled into a Border Patrol van.

He added: ‘It’s a gap in the fence so we came here. I came to the US because my family are here – my mom and dad. I was in Brazil before. I want to have a life here and work.’


That teenager traveled with a family of Haitians. They had been living in Chile but heard about The Gap and decided to come. They came up through Mexico. Many of the Haitians illegally seeking admittance to the U.S. are coming from South America and Central America, not directly from Haiti. Panama’s foreign minister sounded the alarm recently in Washington, D.C. to the Biden administration but he said his warning fell on deaf ears. Shocker, I know.

This comes as Panama’s foreign minister warned that another wave of some 60,000 migrants, mostly Haitian nationals, is now headed toward the southern US border.

Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes expressed exasperation during a visit to Washington DC this week, saying that Panama has been warning the Biden administration for months about the recent surge in irregular migration.

‘We sounded the alarm when we should have,’ Mouynes told Axios. ‘We’ve engaged with every single authority that we can think of, that we can come across, to say, ‘Please, let’s pay attention to this.”

Some of the illegal aliens are crossing further east in the Cabreza Pieta National Wildlife Refuge. One reporter witnessed a group of 10 – 20 people coming across every half hour. They have a routine that they follow. And, many of them claim to be younger than they are so they won’t be expelled. These people know how to play the game.


First, migrants would climb down a slope leading to the Morelos Dam – a joint US-Mexican installation in the Rio Colorado River.

Then, they would scramble past a sluice gate running alongside the dam, crossing into the US halfway before continuing up to the Gap and out into the fields.

Some came alone. Other groups were ushered across the border by cartel coyotes who would bring them halfway before heading back to Mexico – a process captured on camera by

Most immediately surrendered to Border Patrol but others, mainly single men and women who face being thrown out instantly under Title 42, attempted to slip away through the fields.

Most of the Haitians cross into the Yuma sector because they plan to go to California. From there, California is closer than crossing points in Texas. As happened in the Del Rio Sector, the Yuma Sector is overwhelmed, without the resources to deal with the situation. They have called in support from the Yuma Police Department. This is allowable under a Biden administration program called Operation Stone Garden that pays police to help Border Patrol. One problem is that law enforcement finds itself arresting the same people over and over again because an expulsion issued under Title 42 doesn’t permanently bar them from coming back. The Border Patrol’s Yuma Station covers 61 miles of the border.


This story sounds familiar, right? The Biden administration is warned by people on the ground that a flood of migrants is coming toward the southern border and enter as illegal aliens, not abiding by immigration laws or procedures. Most of them do not have legitimate asylum claims, they are simply coming because Joe Biden essentially invited them to come when he spouted his open borders rhetoric during the presidential campaign. Then, when he came into office and made a big deal out of nixing all of the Trump policies and agreements for securing the border, a clear message was sent to wannabe illegal aliens everywhere – come on in. The Biden administration turns a blind eye until the situation is so unbearably horrendous that they can no longer do so, like in Del Rio. In the meantime, the administration continues to say it’s seasonal migration and the border is secure. None of that is true.

The tented overflow camp built in April is designed to hold 500 people. It currently is reported to hold 1,300 migrants. Where’s Kamala? Where’s Secretary Mayorkas? Why aren’t they going to visit and observe the situation on the ground? It’s because the open border is intentional. It’s also because if they go to these spots where border crossings are increasing, they have to admit failure. This is the administration that is supposed to be the grown-ups, the experienced people in charge. They are supposed to re-establish “norms”. None of this is normal. All of it is intentional. It is a dereliction of duty. If we can’t fire Biden and Kamala, at least Mayorkas should be fired.


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