Kasie Hunt speaks honestly about California Democrats - quickly gets ratioed on Twitter

Kasie Hunt speaks honestly about California Democrats - quickly gets ratioed on Twitter
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Kasie Hunt, newly hired by CNN, posted a Twitter thread of 5 tweets on Tuesday night as networks covered the California recall vote. She dared to speak honestly about California Democrats, Governor Newsom, and Democrats in general. She was immediately ratioed, especially by her colleagues in the media. Kasie quickly was told to get back on the same page as all the others – only pro-Democrat opinions are allowed, especially on an election night.

The fact that one of their own was boldly going where they did not dare must have been a punch in the gut for the Democrat hacks who call themselves news anchors or reporters. Their bias is obvious to those of us who do not hold the same political opinions yet the ruse is that they are delivering news, not opinions. Wink, wink. Liberals arrogantly believe that everyone thinks as they do and it’s a shock when they discover someone willing to voice a difference of opinion, especially a news anchor on any cable television network other than FNC. Kasie starts out with her political analyst hat on. The Twitter thread progresses with her analysis.

For most people reading her tweets, it seems like what she is saying would resonate as truthful. It likely struck a nerve with liberals because they, too, harbor such thoughts though they won’t say so publicly. Ed wrote earlier about the Newsom victory and advised that the California Democrats not get too cocky. As Kasie points out, Newsom was caught not just once but many times during the pandemic doing things he mandated that other Californians not do. He is a wealthy elitist and continued to live as such despite the demands he placed on others during the pandemic. He and his friends and his family didn’t bother to pretend we are all in this together.

Gavin Newsom governs as many elected leaders do – taking only members of their political party into consideration. Biden does the same thing. They show no inclination to be elected officials for all of their constituents, just those who vote for them. Kasie pointed out that Democrats must prove they can govern everybody. And, most importantly, she noted that Trump received a clear increase in minority voters’ support. That’s an indication for future Republican candidates to not write off minority support, go out and fight for those votes. Trump found a way to connect with people from all walks of life without sounding as phony as most politicians sound. Joe Biden made a last-minute appeal to get out the vote on Monday – “scaring” his audience by saying a victory for Larry Elder was even worse than a Trump victory. President Unity strikes again.

Lastly, Kasie pointed out the basic incompetence of Joe Biden and his administration. Most Democrats are forced to admit that now after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden border crisis, the lingering pandemic, and inflation rising. Biden’s approval ratings are tanking. She rightly pointed to the difficulty Biden is having in getting his domestic agenda approved. She was quickly put in her place. Kasie’s analysis is just wrong, you see, and she shouldn’t even have a job with CNN.

An MSNBC contributor and former Intelligence expert had a hot take. Kasie worked for MSNBC before jumping to CNN.

An author and activist told Kasie to just re-write her tweets, do better.

A sportswriter and USA Today editor had thoughts, none of which are good for Kasie.

And this one from a reliable leftist.

I’ll finish these examples with one from that noted political sage, singer John Legend.

I think that this conservative writer speaks for us all.

Applause all around for Kasie Hunt. It may have been a momentary lapse on her part but when truth seeps into the conversation, it is very refreshing coming from someone in the media, especially CNN. It’s like Democrats need to hear that line from actor Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”: “You can’t handle the truth!”

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