Melania returns fire on historian's random tweet blasting Rose Garden renovations

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

This month marks the anniversary of renovations made to the White House Rose Garden under the supervision of then-First Lady Melania Trump, according to a White House historian. The fainting and drama put forth at the time by the Democrats and anti-Trumpers was palpable. Of all the problems in the world, they chose to have a days-long hissy fit over a long-overdue renovation, simply because it was Melania doing it. A random tweet from historian and NBC contributor Michael Beschloss brought the memories back to life last weekend.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well, in case you were wondering about that. Beschloss proved that when he tweeted out that the White House Rose Garden was “eviscerated” by the renovations last year. He even posted a photo of the Rose Garden. The problem is that he posted a photo of it before the work was completed. Because, of course, he did. As a historian, surely he knows what the finished garden looks like, right?

He didn’t stop there, though. He had some more tweets to post, to show his utter contempt for the former first lady. The White House historian and NBC Presidential Historian continued to ridicule her with ugly tweets, no doubt encouraged by the solid support he found on Twitter for his juvenile behavior. Is he sexist? Anti-immigrant? Or just a Democrat hack?

So, Melania responded. She provided a true photo of the Rose Garden after renovations.

Is this how Beschloss records history? By half-measures and deliberately skewing events to fit his personal political narrative? It’s a logical conclusion to draw from his behavior on Twitter. It’s been a year since it happened yet he thought that marking the anniversary was not the time to make note of it but to trash it for political reasons. The media is going out of its way to protect Joe and Jill Biden at all costs. It turns out, though, that despite the hysterical liberals on Twitter cries for Jill to undo the renovations, she sure sounds as though she likes the Rose Garden.

I’m no gardening expert but it sure looks like a lovely spot to me.

The White House Rose Garden had not been renovated in over 60 years. That is a very long time between renovations for any public space. First ladies make renovations at the White House and updates where necessary. In the case of the Rose Garden, the cherry trees gifted to America during Jackie Kennedy’s time there is a particularly sore spot. The trees were expertly removed and replanted elsewhere on the White House property. They weren’t destroyed. It was not a personal affront to Jackie Kennedy. The Bidenistas, though, have lost their minds.

Right before President Joe Biden took office in January, many critics of Trump’s changes to the garden took to Twitter to urge then-incoming first lady Dr. Jill Biden to reverse the renovations of her predecessor. One critic—Liz Tapanes—launched a petition on back in April to urge the new first lady to undo Trump’s changes. As of the early afternoon on Saturday, that petition had garnered more than 81,000 signatures.

“Melania Trump had the cherry trees, a gift from Japan, removed as well as the rest of the foliage and replaced with a boring tribute to herself,” the petition complained

Melania saw things differently.

“As First Lady, and as the temporary custodian of this national treasure, I was inspired by the example of my predecessors,” she wrote at the time. “Their reverence for the White House, and their love of history ensured the long-term preservation of the building in which they both served and lived. In similar fashion, the projects that I have overseen during the last four years are ones which I believe will not only preserve the house’s heritage but enhance the experience of its beauty and solemnity for generations to come.”

She kept a tribute to Jackie Kennedy with the “JFK rose”, which are the white flowers. There are new limestone pathways and she updated the area with technology so that the president as well as the press benefit during press conferences and special events. The irrigation system was in need of renovations, too. None of the criticism is real or honest, it’s all about personal attacks on Melania because she’s married to her husband. It’s small and petty, even for Washington, D.C. If Michelle Obama was the one doing it, it would be the most spectacular rose garden of all.

The renovations were paid for by private donations. Crab apple trees were removed because they limited sunlight for the rest of the space. The new design also makes the space accessible through Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. “Grim results”, Mr. Beschloss?