Mace's massacre: "Texas has a more difficult time getting women out to vote than black, brown voters"

Mace's massacre: "Texas has a more difficult time getting women out to vote than black, brown voters"
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Sometimes the simplest questions secure the best answers. South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace questioned a Texas fleebagger during a House Civil Rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee hearing this week and it turned out to be brutal, or beautiful, depending on your perspective. The best part of the whole five minutes of questioning is at the very end of the video clip.

Though I wrote about the three Texas state Democrats testifying before the committee in the House on Thursday, I didn’t know about Mace’s time questioning Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson. I’ve included Thompson in several of my posts on the Texas fleebaggers during their summer vacation in Washington, D.C. She is one of the longest-serving lawmakers in the Texas State House, ever. She has been in her current elected office since 1972.

Over at our sister publication, PJ Media, fellow Texan Bryan Preston highlighted Mace’s questioning of Thompson, with a focus on support for voter id laws, even with Democrats. His post includes the full video of Mace’s time. However, what struck me was toward the end of the clip. Mace drills down on the percentages of voters who show up to vote in Texas, divided by race – how many white registered voters get out and vote, how many black, etc.

Rep. Mace was questioning Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson about id laws in Texas and went through a list of when personal identification is needed to make purchases or conduct everyday kinds of financial interactions in Texas. Buying liquor? Yes. Financing a mortgage? Yes. Registering for Social Security benefits? Yes. Opening a bank account? Yes. You get the picture. The point is that it is not at all unusual to be asked for identification in normal life. Then she moved on to voter id laws, specifically in Texas. As she informed Thompson, 75 percent of black, brown, and African-Americans support voter id. This came as a surprise to Thompson, who is an 82-year-old black Democrat. She said, “I don’t think it’s a whole lot.” Mace told her it was 75%. I think that qualifies as a whole lot. Mace went on to educate Thompson – 81 percent of Hispanic voters support voter id laws, and Texas ranks in the top ten states for black voter turnout. Thompson thought Texas ranked 44th out of the 50 states. The true number is 10th. Texas is ranked 10th in the country for black voter turnout. To hear race-baiting demagogues like Thompson, you would think that black Texans were suppressed at historic rates from voting in Texas.

Here’s the thing – voter suppression of black, brown, or any other ethnic minority in Texas is a lie. Mace aptly went through the numbers and schooled Rep. Thompson. What Thompson did was prove that the fleebaggers’ trip to D.C. is all under false premises. If the Democrats are trying to get to the bottom of a Big Lie, they should start with the one being perpetrated by the fleebaggers from Texas.

At least for me, the clincher was when Mace asked Thompson where women voters rank in Texas. Thompson answered, “Oh, way up in the 50s” which was also a wrong answer. The correct answer is the bottom third. As a woman voter in Texas, it was an eye-opener to hear that Texas has a bigger problem getting women out to vote than it does with ethnic minority voters. Remember how often we heard it was suburban women who threw the 2020 elections one way or the other in states like Texas? That suburban women are changing Texas into a blue state?

Kudos to Mace for doing her homework and asking some really obvious questions that weren’t being asked. For my own partisan reasons, it was particularly meaningful that she asked specific questions of Senfronia Thompson. Thompson is treated as a wise and untouchable Democrat among those in Austin. Turns out she isn’t so wise after all. If she is a leader of the fleebaggers, shouldn’t she know some basic facts about voter turn-out when she’s accusing Texas of voter suppression? Mace conducted a massacre. The trope and all the straw men are dead. I’m sure if the Democrats realize what happened during that question and answer exchange, they’ll be trying to cancel Mace for being racist, or something. The Texans on the committee should have done what Mace did but maybe it’s more effective coming from a woman from another state. A southern state with its own history on voting rights, as Mace pointed out in her opening remarks.

The fleebaggers are running out of time. The special session in Austin will end soon. The next special session begins on August 8. The Texas lawmakers who ran instead of staying and doing their jobs have nothing to show for their stunt, other than some embarrassing moments in social media. They were happy to play useful idiots for national Democrats and it has backfired spectacularly. They deserve all the ridicule they receive. I hope many of them lose their jobs in the next election cycle – are you listening Texas Republicans? Get out there and recruit good candidates who can win against them. There is plenty of material to make some devastating campaign ads.

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