Kamala's five-pronged strategy for Biden's border crisis and are you kidding me?

Kamala's five-pronged strategy for Biden's border crisis and are you kidding me?
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Kamala Harris released today what is being described as “a sweeping strategy” to address the root causes of the Biden border crisis. In March Biden appointed her as his border czar and that was quickly amended to be his long-term strategy czar for the Northern Triangle countries. It is almost August now and she is touting a five-pronged strategy as the way forward with the U.S. and Central America.

It is impossible for anyone concerned about the current Biden border crisis to look at this plan and not ask, “Are you kidding me right now?” Not only is the strategy a rehash of what has been done for decades by past administrations with little success but Kamala escalates U.S. involvement in domestic policies of Northern Triangle countries. The 18-page report released divides the strategy into several pillars. Mind you, Kamala didn’t call a press briefing and answer questions about her plan. She simply issued a statement. The Biden administration promised to be the most transparent of any administration ever before but the reality is that both she and Biden avoid the press as much as possible and limit opportunities for questions on just about anything – except maybe questions about Joe’s ice cream treats.

Part one involves “addressing economic insecurity and inequality” in Central America. Part two, the administration said in a fact sheet Thursday morning, entails “combating corruption, strengthening democratic governance, and advancing the rule of law” in those countries.

Part three focuses on “promoting respect for human rights, labor rights, and free press,” while part four addresses “countering and preventing violence, extortion, and other crimes perpetrated by criminal gangs, trafficking networks, and other organized criminal organizations.”

Lastly, part five deals with “combating sexual, gender-based, and domestic violence.”

It’s all fuzzy feel-good language but what it means is that the Biden administration is offering up pallets of cash for corrupt Central American leaders that will line their pockets and those within their inner circles. The poor and needy will see no changes. That is how it is and has been for decades. The United States sends financial aid to Central America in hopes that migrants will not try to make it to our southern border. The thought is that they will want to stay home as long as there are jobs and less violence in the streets. It doesn’t in the long run. Hurricanes happen, infrastructure collapses, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities available. American employers exploit cheap immigrant labor and are often guilty of turning a blind eye to their immigrant status. It’s a vicious circle. That cycle was broken temporarily when Trump came into office. He shut off most of the financial aid being flushed and when the flood of migrants came he worked with the governments in the Northern Triangle and Mexico. He struck agreements with the leaders and it all actually worked. The border crisis during the Trump administration came to a trickle easily managed by law enforcement on the border, especially thanks to the Remain-in-Mexico agreement. Open Borders Joe undid all that good work and now there is a historically bad crisis on the southern border. Thanks, Joe.

Here’s the thing – Kamala’s pie-in-the-sky report findings and strategy do nothing to stop what is happening right now on the southern border. All of the goals of her plan will take time, longer than the duration of her first term in the White House as President-in-Waiting. Without details, there is no way to know exactly what the plan of action is but it sure sounds like she intends to be involved in actually crafting domestic policy in Latin America which I’m pretty sure is outside her job description. She failed at “advancing the rule of law” in California during her time there as Attorney General so how is she going to do it in Latin America? And, how is she going to “promote respect” with any group when she can’t do that here at home? It’s all nonsensical, meant to appear to be doing something.

Kamala said that she and Biden “have restarted our nation’s engagement in Central America and diplomatic efforts with Central American governments” though why was that needed to be restarted? The Trump administration engaged with Central America and frequently sent administration officials to the region to work on mutual problems. Trump engaged with the leaders of the Northern Triangle countries. There was no need to “restart” anything. Kamala tries to appear as though she’s mending relationships. It’s a farce.

One disturbing aspect that is included in the 18-page report is the desire to expand access to legal pathways for protection and opportunities to the United States. The Biden administration wants to pave the way for Northern Triangle citizens to easily make their way to the U.S., not discourage them from migrating.

“We’re not seeking to end migration as part of the fabric of this region,” a senior administration official told reporters Wednesday. “We have so many familial, cultural ties in Central America. What we’re seeking to change is the ways in which people migrate, to provide an alternative to the criminal smuggling and trafficking rings and to give people access to opportunity and protection through safe legal channels, safe legal pathways.”

As mentioned above, no details were provided on any of this. No deadlines for any actions were announced. She did remind everyone that she traveled to Guatemala though.

Harris noted that she recently traveled to Guatemala, “where one of the largest challenges is corruption.” On Tuesday, the Biden administration said it suspended cooperation with Guatemala’s Attorney General’s Office after the firing of the agency’s top anti-corruption prosecutor, saying it “lost confidence” in the country’s willingness to fight corruption.

Corruption. Shocker. Here’s what should be happening, if this administration can, in fact, walk and chew gum at the same time. There should be attention paid to the southern border before we worry about long-term solutions to anything. The Biden border crisis is an immediate humanitarian and public health crisis. All the other stuff is unicorns and rainbows and hopes for later in a better world. Who is in charge of the present real-life crisis? It’s not DHS and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, obviously. He’s still denying the crisis and at the same time claiming everything is under control. And he is now self-quarantining after testing positive for COVID-19, so there’s that.

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