Queen Elizabeth joins senior royal family members in an 'unexpected' visit to G7 meeting

Toby Melville/Pool via AP

Queen Elizabeth II is traveling to meet other senior members of the royal family at the G7 in Cornwall in what is being described as a “surprise” visit. She will arrive in time to have dinner with the world leaders in attendance. The move is an attempt to bolster a public image of unity between Britain and the United States, an “indestructible relationship” as Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls it. Johnson doesn’t like the phrase “special relationship” that is usually used by American and British leaders. The Queen’s presence at a G7 summit is unusual.

Typically Britain is represented by the Prime Minister. Boris and his new wife walked around with Joe and Jill when they arrived yesterday. Photos were taken, small talk was spoken. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe the Queen is making the trip to keep an eye on her family. It’s not like senior royals have had the best of track records lately. We do know that these two grifters won’t be in attendance. Prince Charles hoped for a chat about climate change with Biden before the summit but there hasn’t been any word on if that conversation took place.

If you have your own train, why not take a ride to scenic South West England during prime time for visiting? She will join Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, for the leaders’ reception at the Eden Project, a tropical garden built under a cluster of vast bio-domes. The reception will be hosted by climate alarmist Charles. Buckingham Palace released a statement that corporate CEOs will attend the reception “to discuss how the private sector can work with governments to tackle the climate emergency.”

This will be a bonus meeting with the Queen for Biden. He and Jill are scheduled to meet with the Queen at Windsor Castle on Sunday, after the G7 summit wraps up. Biden will be the latest addition to the Queen’s list of American presidents with which she’s met, every one since Truman, with the exception of LBJ.

The world leaders of other G7 countries – Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Italy – will eagerly welcome Biden as the new president. No more dealing with a president with strong opinions and the desire to put his own country ahead of European countries. Joe Biden is happy to go back to the bad old days when the name of the game is going along to get along.

Many see his attendance at the Group of Seven summit and then the NATO summit over the next week as a one-shot chance: not just to help fix relations with Washington’s bruised allies, but also to reassert the faltering influence of the U.S. and the West itself.

The visit will also be shadowed by questions about whether Biden, for all his trans-Atlantic experience, is actually more focused on the rising competitor in Beijing than in old Cold War allies across the pond.

“After four tumultuous years of Trump, the Europeans have now got the U.S. leadership they always dreamed of,” said Fabrice Pothier, NATO’s former head of policy planning. “Except now the story has moved on.”

Jill Biden did what first ladies usually do – she visited a school on Friday. She was joined by the Duchess of Cambridge and proceeded to ask some awkward questions during their conversation, as reported by the press.

Asked if she had any wishes for her new niece Lilibet Diana, Kate said she wished her “all the very best.”

“I can’t wait to meet her,” she added. “We haven’t met her yet. I hope that will be soon.”

Asked if she had facetimed with Harry and Meghan’s daughter since her birth last week, Kate said she had not.

WTH, Jill? Why was Grandma Biden asking personal questions about a particularly thorny issue – the relationship she and her family have with the two royal grifters who relocated to California?

Jill Biden also took a veiled swipe at Melania Trump yesterday during a stroll with her husband and Boris Johnson and his wife. She wore a jacket with the word “LOVE” printed on the back. Naturally the comparison to Melania’s jacket with the message, “I don’t care, do you” that was a smack to the press and its coverage of her, was made. Melania only wore that jacket as she walked in front of the press to board a plane – the press was the intended audience. Jill, a woman with a very large sense of her own importance, decided to deliver a message to Europeans – she comes bringing love.

This is Jill’s debut on the international stage and she wants all eyes on her. She acts as though she is the story.

When she and her husband joined British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, for a stroll outside Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall, she sported a jacket with “LOVE” emblazoned on the back.

“We’re bringing love from America,” she told reporters. “This is a global conference and we are trying to bring unity across the globe and I think it’s needed right now, that people feel a sense of unity from all the countries and feel a sense of hope.”

While what an American first lady wears abroad often draws lots of attention, Jill Biden also is using President Joe Biden’s first overseas trip since taking office to highlight her mission to help veterans and military families.

Let’s hope she doesn’t grab the Queen and hug her like Michelle Obama did.

Jazz Shaw Jul 03, 2022 10:01 AM ET