Twitter finds no violation of company's policy in "C-list" celebrity's tweet against Rand Paul

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A large envelope containing white powder arrived at Senator Rand Paul’s Kentucky home Monday. The FBI and Capitol Hill police are investigating, being examined for harmful substances. The package also contained a death threat against the senator.


The arrival of the package on Monday followed a tweet posted by singer Richard Marx on Sunday. Paul and his supporters were quick to point out the sequence of events. Marx tweeted that if he ever meets Rand Paul’s neighbor, he’ll hug him and buy him drinks. The next day, the envelope arrived at Paul’s home in Bowling Green.

Is there a connection between the two actions? Probably not. Clearly, he was referencing the neighbor who was so unhinged that he violently attacked Paul as he worked in his front yard. The senator was severely injured and was fortunate to survive the whole ordeal, as we later learned. The violent left applauds such actions as though it is perfectly normal to physically attack those who may hold different political opinions. Rand Paul’s chief strategist asked if Marx was cheerleading Paul’s injuries from the attack by his neighbor.

Our Twitter overlords have not released an official statement about Marx’s tweet but they have emailed news outlets stating that “a review found Marx’s tweet was not in violation of the company’s policies.” Shocker, I know.


What other conclusion is there? The question is why? What brought a random tweet on Sunday from a C-list celebrity (Rand Paul’s words) that would reward violent behavior between neighbors? The neighbor was convicted of a felony assault. A quick look at Marx’s Twitter feed shows hostility toward Rand Paul over his vote against an extension of health care for 9/11/01 first responders.

Rand Paul is taking any threat seriously, as you would imagine. He and his wife were swarmed by protesters and physically accosted in Washington, D.C. during the Republican National Convention last summer as they walked to their hotel from a White House event. Unfortunately, these threats are not unusual for the senator. He issued a statement and connected Marx’s tweet as an incitement of violence.

“I take these threats immensely seriously,” Paul said in a statement. “As a repeated target of violence, it is reprehensible that Twitter allows C-list celebrities to encourage violence against me and my family. Just this weekend Richard Marx called for violence against me and now we receive this powder filled letter.”


The envelope contained a white powder. On the outside of the envelope was a picture of Paul after the physical attack by the neighbor – he is bandaged and wearing a neck brace while using a crutch. There is a gun pointed at his head, according to Fox News which obtained a copy of the image. On the bottom of the photo was written “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you motherf——“. Given Paul’s history with violent attacks and the highly charged political atmosphere today, an investigation is certainly warranted.

It is concerning that the envelope was sent to his home, not his office in Washington or a regional office in Kentucky. The threat didn’t only endanger Rand Paul, it endangers his family. The white powder is probably nothing dangerous but it is meant to appear as a dangerous substance like that which was used in anthrax attacks in the past. It is meant to terrorize.

Richard Marx now calls the tweet a joke, a wise crack, and that he wasn’t inciting violence. He responded when a candidate in California running against Nancy Pelosi confronted him. Marx calls Paul a traitor.


Marx is an 80s pop singer who isn’t really relevant in today’s music world. He posts ugly tweets against conservatives and Republicans which hardly makes him unique. The truth is that the left gaslights that the right is evil while holding themselves up as morally superior. “Joking” about physical violence against elected officials is part of the game now and it can lead to life-threatening attacks, as Rand Paul well knows. Marx has a book to promote so maybe he’s looking for some additional sales. Marx did a little whataboutism as he played defense. He pointed to how Rand Paul acted after contacting COVID-19 last year. The senator said he will not be getting the COVID-19 vaccination because he had the virus and now has natural immunity against it. That, too, set off the haters.

Mr Paul is facing heat on social media after he said he has no plans to get vaccinated as he was already infected with the virus in March 2020.

“Until they show me evidence that people who have already had the infection are dying in large numbers or being hospitalised or getting very sick, I just made my own personal decision that I’m not getting vaccinated because I’ve already had the disease and I have natural immunity,” he had said during an interview on WABC-AM radio.

The senator has earlier sparred with the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, during the pandemic and suggested critical views against Covid-19 restrictions and mask mandates.

He said Americans should be able to choose to get vaccinated or not without fear of repercussions from the government.


Rand Paul is right to stand up and push back on social media. Let’s hope that law enforcement can find the rando who is the latest to threaten him for speaking up.

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David Strom 9:50 AM | February 23, 2024