Meghan McCain to 'The View' panel: Move on from January 6 already

(Lou Rocco/ABC via AP)

A panel discussion on ABC’s The View today included the liberal hosts piling on Republicans and the events of January 6. Meghan McCain, to her credit, remembered that she is a Republican and pushed back. She pointed out the left’s refusal to move on from discussions about that day. She rightly took them to task for ignoring that the press refuses to cover the many crises of the Biden administration.

“It was four months ago,” Meghan reminded the other women. On Tuesday, the women on The View obsessively discussed Liz Cheney’s fate, as did other media outlets. Then, on Wednesday, the hot topic segment was rehashing the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. So, by today, Meghan had enough. When she was asked if Republicans will continue with the narrative that nothing bad happened that day, Meghan said it’s time to change the subject.

Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA), for instance, said it was a “bald-faced lie” to call the violent riots an insurrection, insisting that the MAGA mob storming the Capitol looked like “a normal tourist visit.” Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who is tied to the organizers behind the Jan. 6 events, claimed federal investigators were “harassing peaceful patriots” by arresting and indicting the rioters.

Discussing GOP attempts to revise history at the top of Thursday’s program, liberal co-host Joy Behar said it was “just shameless” what Republicans were doing while claiming people she talks to “are frightened that this party will bring down this country.”

Fellow host Sara Haines, for her part, largely agreed with Behar. Saying it was “unbelievable to watch,” Haines went on to say “this is a strategy” by the GOP as they are now just copying Trump’s tactics of repeating a lie over and over until a large percentage of Americans believe it.

“We’ve seen this before. We’ll see it again. It’s just—it’s about as insane as it gets,” she added.

Asked whether she thinks Republican voters will continue to buy this new narrative, McCain—the show’s resident conservative panelist—said it was time to move on and focus on how bad America has supposedly gotten under President Joe Biden.

“This happened four months ago and we’ve been talking about it for four months,” she stated. “I made my perspective absolutely crystal clear. I think it’s horrific. I don’t believe the ‘Big Lie.’ We talked about Liz Cheney at length.”

She’s right. No one mistakes Meghan McCain for a Trump supporter. Her mother, Cindy McCain is poised to become Biden’s ambassador to the U.N. World Food Program. Biden is a family friend, someone Meghan refers to as Uncle Joe. So, it was interesting to see her call the other women out for ignoring Biden’s disastrous start to his term in office. While Joy Behar said her friends are “frightened”, Meghan said the same is true for her friends. Especially with the gas shortages.

“I had to have a conversation with my executive producer about whether or not I’m going to be able to find gas in my car because there’s no gas where I live,” she exclaimed. “I’m privileged. I work for a company who is going to find a way to get me to work.”

McCain also fired back at Haines for criticizing the GOP’s “strategy,” saying it was a “strategy” by the media and her colleagues not to focus “on anything the Biden administration is doing right now that’s leading this country into crisis.” She then rattled off a list of apparent crises that just so happened to align with the current talking points on Fox News and right-wing media.

“There’s a crisis at the border. Inflation rates are sky-high. Unemployment is crazy,” she fumed. “A lot of Americans can’t figure out how to get gas in the car. It’s like the ’70s all over again. I think there’s a strategy that the media doesn’t want to focus on anything bad in the Biden administration!”

Circling back to her original complaint that the insurrection was old news, McCain added: “I implore everyone who works in the industry, just because Trump was so bad doesn’t mean this is good. There are real meat and potatoes issues impacting real Americans. I think we should be focusing on that versus something that happened four months ago.”

The other hosts said that we must never forget the events of January 6 and to justify that thought, Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg both suggested that police officers died that day at the hands of rioters. That’s been debunked. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sidnick died from strokes. One rioter was shot and killed by a police officer.

Meghan pointed out the fact that the press covers for Biden. The press acts like performing seals for the man. They laugh when he makes random ad-libs during speeches and rarely asks any pointed questions. The press props him up because he is one of them.