Tim Scott: BLM's "Communist paradigm" that lives matter because of skin color is not helpful

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Senator Tim Scott delivered a powerful response to Joe Biden’s joint congressional address Wednesday night. He made headlines for declaring America is not a racist country. More importantly, was the rest of his speech. He very confidently and aggressively went after Joe Biden’s pie-in-the-sky address and rejected its proposals. He didn’t even have to go proposal by proposal to knock down Biden’s Utopian fever dream as he presented it, Senator Scott simply spoke about the rank hypocrisy of the political left and how destructive pitting people against each other is, resulting in the divides we see today.


Ed wrote a post on Scott’s rebuttal and it’s spot-on. Jazz, too, addressed the senator’s speech. My colleagues are right – Tim Scott was an excellent choice to represent Republicans last night. Frankly, he’s the person many of us have been waiting for to step forward and unabashedly present the Republican point of view.

Racism was a natural topic for Tim Scott to focus on. Best of all, it gave him a national platform to slap the hideous Washington Post profile written about his family and their history in South Carolina. He did so without specifically mentioning names but did repeat his slogan that his 94-year-old grandfather lived to see their family go from cotton to the Senate. After hearing from the senator last night, it is obvious why the hit piece was published just days before – WaPo wanted to get out in front and bruise him up a bit. Scott said the WaPo piece tried to discredit his grandfather, his mother, and himself because he doesn’t fit the left’s narrative.

What happened after Scott’s speech was entirely predictable. The left hated it – and him – while the right applauded him. On social media, the hashtag #UncleTim trended. Tim Scott was interviewed on Fox and Friends this morning and responded to that. He said he is being discriminated against for the color of his skin – by the left. He doesn’t participate in groupthink on racial issues. He certainly doesn’t support Black Lives Matter’s agenda. Scott, when asked about the BLM movement, noted that its “Communist paradigm” promotes the lives of those with one skin color over others, and that is wrong. The left is heavily invested in gaslighting Americans about racism. So, Tim Scott was reduced to #UncleTim on Twitter. Our Twitter overlords didn’t see fit to ban those racist tweets against the senator, though.


MSNBC host Touré Neblett led the outraged mob.

This isn’t a new kind of attack on black conservatives. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is frequently referred to by MSNBC’s Joy Reid as “Uncle Clarence”

Tim Scott took it to Biden and the Democrats who are hell-bent to push through every item on liberal wish lists while they can. For the next two years we can expect to see Joe Biden and his party ram through as much of it as they can get away with – as they did with the American Rescue Plan. The senator rightly pointed out that Biden’s speech was all about higher taxes which will cripple the economic recovery that began while President Trump was still in office. He spoke up for less spending, more responsible spending cuts. He was able to present a truly conservative rebuttal. Yes, he sounded partisan, as one media personality critiqued his rebuttal, but he was right to do so.

The senator took Joe Biden to task for talking about his intention to work with Republicans. It’s a lie, as we have seen since Biden took office. Ten Republicans went to the White House in February to talk about the American Rescue Plan. Their input was ignored and Biden forged ahead and encouraged Democrats to ram the $1.9T bill through on a single-party vote. Senator Scott pointed to his work on police reform and the Democrats’ unwillingness to work with him, in particular, Kamala Harris when she was in the Senate. President Trump and Senator Scott tried to work on police reform but the Democrats shut it down. Scott said Democrats would rather have the issue than find solutions. He’s right about that. Black Lives Matter and its supporters want the public to think that all cops are bad and are out actively looking to harm black people, or worse, every day. The Democrats’ narrative about cops and white supremacy is not helpful, he noted.


Biden’s base – the media – was quick to criticize Tim Scott’s rebuttal. Tom Jones, the senior media writer for the Poynter Report, summarized media reaction to it.

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott gave the Republican response. CNN’s Abby Phillip said, “This was an extraordinary partisan speech for Tim Scott, especially, I thought, on the issue of policing, which is something that he is actively right now working with Democrats on. He really, strongly criticized Democrats on the issue in a way that I thought was surprising given that he apparently finds it worthwhile to actually work with them.”

Philip added the speech sounded like “what any other generic Republican would say in this particular moment. But Tim Scott, who is trying to have a slightly different brand, it didn’t really seem to fit him. That was the part that was slightly disjointed for me.”

CNN’s Dana Bash noted that Scott is the lone Black Republican senator and yet criticized the Democrats’ stance on voting restrictions in places such as Georgia.

CNN’s Van Jones criticized Scott for blaming Biden for dividing the country. “That doesn’t make any sense,” Jones said.

Then Jones added this: “(Scott) lost a lot of African Americans, by the tens of millions, when he said ‘America is not a racist nation.’ Look, you can say we’re getting better, you can say we’ve come a long way. But when you look at these numbers and you look at these statistics, it is still very clear that this country is still struggling with racism and we still have racism showing up in almost every institution. So I thought he did himself a disservice by jumping that shark.”

Jones, however, added that Scott is the best the Republicans could put up to respond to Biden.


As I noted earlier, the criticism was predictable, especially from liberal black media personalities and reporters. This is the groupthink that Tim Scott breaks away from, so he must be slammed for having his own opinions.

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