DNC's billboard blitz sells American Rescue Plan, shames Republican 'no' votes

If the $1.9T American Rescue Plan is so popular why is the Biden administration and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) working so hard to convince American taxpayers of its wonderfulness? The DNC has launched a billboard campaign in many states to praise Democrat senators who voted in support of the American Rescue Plan and shame Republican senators who did not.


As members of Biden’s cabinet continue to fan out across the country to tout the behemoth bill that is supposed to be a coronavirus pandemic relief bill, there is no escaping that the bill passed on a strictly party-line vote. The fact that Joe Biden describes himself as a politician who successfully works with both sides of the aisle certainly didn’t bear out in the first major piece of legislation of his administration. He used a small group of Republican senators who were open to giving him a photo op at the White House to claim that he sought out Republican input into the bill. That narrative dissolved when the bill came to a vote and even liberal Republican Susan Collins, a member of that group who went to the White House, said Biden ignored all that they contributed to the conversation. My, my. If Biden has lost Susan Collins…

The problem is that the bill that is supposed to focus on coronavirus relief only devoted about 9% of it directly to fund coronavirus mitigation measures. A large part of the bill devotes money to groups like teachers and not actually for reopening schools. “A CBO analysis suggested that only a small portion of the $130 billion for schools would actually be spent in the current fiscal year.” The Biden administration picks winners and losers. In this case, it chooses teachers over students. Look for more favoritism of teachers versus students as long as Jill Biden is in the White House.

With Americans realizing more about what exactly is in the bill, conservative voters are not pleased with the pork being exposed. The 2022 midterm elections are the focus now for Democrats. In hopes of defying history and holding on to the House and Senate in 2020, the DNC is beginning an aggressive campaign to paint Republicans as out of touch and not compassionate to those in need. Sure, many people supported the American Rescue Plan because they were told they’d receive checks in the mail. Others, though, were in favor of the bill to support reopening businesses and economic recovery. Not a single Republican in the House or the Senate voted for the bill.


The DNC is flush with donations right now so it is spending on a billboard campaign. In Houston, for example, the DNC put up a billboard calling out both Senators Cornyn and Cruz for not voting in support of the coronavirus relief package.

The billboard says “help is here” thanks to President Joe Biden — and “no thanks” to Republican Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. The billboard also highlights a few of the $1.9 trillion plan’s most significant provisions, such as $1,400 direct payments for individuals.

This billboard is on Interstate 45 South, less than 2 miles from William P. Hobby Airport, according to the DNC. The billboard will be up for a month.

The billboards are going up in 20 states and will remain in place for a month. They focus on the stimulus checks. The areas are high-traffic areas near airports.

“Folks across the country and senators traveling home won’t be able to miss this message: Help is here because of President Biden and Democratic leaders and despite the Republicans who unanimously opposed relief,” DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison said in a statement first obtained by Fox News.

Harrison added: “Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan — which includes direct payments of up to $1,400 per person and resources to help manufacture and distribute vaccines because they knew help couldn’t wait — and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon.”

We know that Team Biden has no plans of slowing down with their plans to tax and spend. After the American Rescue Plan was signed, Biden immediately announced his next multi-trillion-dollar legislation – infrastructure. Infrastructure is normally a bipartisan issue, both parties support infrastructure legislation, especially for projects in their home states. Joe Biden is finding all kinds of pushback now, though, thanks to his ramming through of the American Rescue Plan on a single-party vote. Good luck, Joe. Biden sees himself as the 2021 version of FDR or LBJ with huge sweeping programs.


The billboards are not only going up in red states. They will go up in blue states, too, if there are both a Democrat and a Republican representing the state in the Senate.

The billboards are going up in both red and blue states: Los Angeles; Denver; Cleveland; Milwaukee; Portland; Minneapolis; Houston; Orlando; Atlanta; Indianapolis; Las Vegas; Philadelphia; Seattle; Nashville; Kenner, Louisiana; Romulus, Michigan; Springfield, Missouri; Manchester, New Hampshire; Newark, Greensboro, North Carolina; and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; the DNC first revealed to Fox News.

In Wisconsin, for example, the billboard on Interstate 94, just north of Rawson Avenue, thanks Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin but calls out GOP Sen. Ron Johnson for voting against the aid package.

There are also billboards that only thank Democrat senators, like in New Hampshire. Senator Hassan is up for reelection in 2022. She’s been labeled the most vulnerable in the Senate.

So, consider this the first big opening shot in the 2022 election cycle by the DNC. In some states, the billboards will have little effect. In Texas, neither Cruz nor Cornyn are up for reelection any time soon. Texas Republicans are not inclined to support Joe Biden anyway.

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