Lindsey Graham: Jen Psaki sounds like Baghdad Bob talking about the border crisis

Senator Lindsey Graham was a guest on Fox News Sunday this morning. His interview followed one with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. When asked about his trip to the southern border this week and his thoughts on the crisis, he noted that Psaki sounded like Baghdad Bob as she spoke about the subject. He’s not wrong. Psaki and Joe Biden, as well as others in the administration, are in deep denial when it comes to their self-inflicted catastrophe and its consequences.

Joe Biden has a truth problem when he speaks about the border crisis and how his administration is dealing with it differently than other administrations, specifically the Trump administration. He said recently that he will not send unaccompanied minors back after they are taken into custody as the Trump administration did. He elaborated by saying the Trump administration was the only administration to send minors back across the border. That’s a lie. He was the vice-president when Barack Obama put unaccompanied minors on planes and sent them back home. He also accused Trump of allowing children to starve to death on the banks of the Rio Grande River. There is no hyperbole too extreme for Biden as he tries his best to paint himself as a better leader than Trump. The problem for Biden, though, is that he has almost 50 years of history in office in Washington and he played a role in Obama’s administration. Obama at the time was referred to as “Deporter-in-Chief”.

Graham wrote a bill with input from border patrol officials called The Secure and Protect Act. This bill is meant to quell the rush to the southern border by unaccompanied minors. Asylum claims can be filed at refugee processing centers in Northern Triangle countries instead of the United States. This stops the magnet for more to continue to make the journey to the border, often at the hands of human traffickers and drug cartels. They know that if they get here and are taken into custody, they will likely be able to stay in the U.S. during the Biden administration.

Included in the bill is that families can stay together for up to 100 days instead of the limit of 20 days that is now law. Families would receive top priority and be processed quickly. Graham also calls for additional hiring of 500 immigration judges.

While the U.S. allows migrants to apply for asylum if they are fleeing their country and seeking protection based on “persecution,” Graham noted the process needs to be reformed because the credible fear standard is too low.

“80 percent of people pass the credible fear standard, but when it comes to final adjudication, the final asylum standard, only 10 percent make it through the adjudicated process,” Graham stated. “So, what the Secure and Protect Act does, it changes the credible fear standard to make it a higher initial screening standard, which means that there will be less people having to wait for a final determination.”

The bill allows unaccompanied minors from Central America to be treated the same as minors from Canada and Mexico. The United States would be able to return all unaccompanied minors to their country of origin after the appropriate screening. This is a common-sense approach.

Some members of the Biden administration quietly admit they were caught unprepared to handle such large numbers of migrants flooding the southern border. This leads to the question – what did they think would happen when Open Borders Joe knelt to the far left of his party and promised that on Day One he would end all deportations and extend a warm welcome to anyone able to get across the border? A common retort to criticisms is that this is just the annual seasonal influx of migrants, that it happens this time every year. That’s wrong, of course, and the sheer number of illegal migrants being recorded at the border proves that. The current surge began before the traditional months of April and May, too. It began before Biden was inaugurated and he made good on his promise to them. Many migrants are wearing t-shirts that use Biden’s name as it appeared on his campaign logo as a plea to let them in. The t-shirts are crisp and clean, obviously handed out by open border advocates as they get very close to the border.

Illegal immigration is big money for coyotes, human traffickers, and drug cartels. Democrat politicians who support open borders see future voters. Joe Biden and his administration see his bad policies as a counter to the bad Orange Man. None of this is humane and it is all self-inflicted by Joe Biden.

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