Serial anti-masker arrested in Galveston after run-ins in bank, Office Depot

A 65-year-old woman from Grants Pass, Oregon drove an RV to Galveston, Texas. Her purpose in making the trip was to to “cross items off her bucket list”. She ended up in jail for her refusal to wear a face mask in not one but two business establishments.


Terry Lynn Wright is the subject of a video that went viral showing her encounter in a Bank of America in Galveston. She refused to wear a mask inside the bank, even after being offered one by an employee, so the police were called when she would not leave the building. Watch the video then continue reading.

Here’s the thing – Governor Abbott caused much pearl-clutching earlier this month when he ended a statewide mandate on wearing a face mask in public. However, in doing so, he left in place the right of any business to require the use of face masks. If you don’t want to wear a face mask, don’t patronize the businesses that require them. It’s pretty simple. This woman from Oregon, though, decided to be rebellious or something and challenged a Galveston police officer when he came to handle the situation. He calmly and politely spoke with her, telling her she had to either put on a face mask or leave the building. She refused to do either.

Her argument was that she was in a public place and therefore didn’t need to comply with wearing a face mask. The officer tells her it is a private business and their rules. She goes on about a violation of human rights and even asks, “What are you going to do, arrest me?” Yeah, lady, that’s exactly what he was going to do. She was taken to a hospital because she complained that the officer broke her foot. She walked out to the police car on her own, though, so that claim is questionable.


After the trip to the hospital, she was released. Galveston Police Department issued two warrants for her arrest on the charges of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

But wait, there’s more. Six days later, Wright was in Office Depot in Texas City and again refused to wear a face mask when asked to do so. Police were again called. One of the officers recognized her from the video made by the police officer’s bodycam in the Bank of America complaint. She was taken into custody on the outstanding warrants for her arrest and transported to the Galveston County jail. No charges were filed in the Texas City incident.

She told a reporter with a Houston ABC network affiliate that she “won’t wear that diaper on my face!”

In an interview Friday with Eyewitness News, Wright said she traveled to Galveston in an RV to cross off items off her bucket list. She was at the bank to close her account and the Central City location was the only one that was open to her.

She said she would have preferred to go through a drive-thru but couldn’t with her RV. Still, she says, she’s glad she stood her ground, adding that she is “very opposed” to masks and doesn’t believe in the pandemic.

“I won’t wear that diaper on my face!” she told ABC13.

She went further than just saying she doesn’t “believe in the pandemic” with the Washington Post. There’s a comparison to Nazi Germany coming.


Wright told The Washington Post that she has never covered her face inside stores, even when the statewide mandate was in place. She said she was in an RV park across the bay from Galveston in Hitchcock, Texas.

She told the newspaper she was “attacked” and compared mask requirements to the way that Nazi Germany forced Jewish people to identify themselves with a Star of David. She also said she believed in a “plandemic” in a reference to a documentary-style video in which an anti-vaccine activist promotes a string of questionable, false and potentially dangerous coronavirus theories.

So, there you go. It’s unclear why her money was in the bank in Galveston and why she was on the island. There hasn’t been an update to the report that she was taken back to the Galveston County jail on the arrest warrants. Her bond was set at $3,000 on the misdemeanor charges. Galveston Police Chief Vernon Hale is on record saying he would rather his officers not be called about mask issues but that they would respond to such calls as needed.

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