Deborah Birx lands on her feet: Two new jobs in Texas and a board membership

Dr. Deborah Birx officially left government employment earlier this week. On the same day that her mentor and friend Dr. Anthony Fauci received the coronavirus vaccination in a televised event last December, Birx announced she would be stepping down from the White House coronavirus task force. So, what has she been up to since then?

She really didn’t have a choice but to leave the task force. Birx was not offered a job with the Biden administration. Dr. Fauci, a true creature of The Swamp, was kept on by Team Joe as a top medical advisor. Yesterday it was announced that Birx will join the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas as a Senior Fellow. Birx has worked with the Bush Institute in the past.

Dr. Birx and the Bush Institute have worked together on Go Further, an innovative public-private partnership between PEPFAR, the Bush Institute, UNAIDS, and Merck. Go Further aims to reduce new cervical cancer cases by 95 percent among women living with HIV in twelve African countries, which have some of the highest rates of HIV prevalence and cervical cancer incidence in the world. Through the partnership, over 1.3 million women living with HIV have been screened for cervical cancer for the first time, and more than 60,000 women with pre-cancerous lesions have received treatment.

George W. Bush launched President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in 2003. It’s been a very successful initiative but Bush, in my opinion, never really got the credit he deserves for it. Birx will concentrate on policy initiatives that will better prepare the United States for a pandemic. Birx spent four decades as a public health official. A primary focus of her career has been combating the HIV and AIDS epidemic. She oversaw the implementation of PEPFAR.

Dr. Birx released a statement through the Bush Institute.

“I am thrilled to be working with the incredible people and impactful programs at the Bush Institute,” said Dr. Birx. “The Bush Institute programs put people at the center, recognizing we are stronger when we listen to each other, learn from one another, and come together to do things bigger than any of us could do alone. President and Mrs. Bush witnessed the impact of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic 20 years ago and responded by founding the Global Fund and PEPFAR. They believed the crisis could be tackled with people, funding, and compassion for others. We can do the same today by confronting pandemics with empathy and unity in action.”

But wait, there’s more. Another announcement came out yesterday on Birx’s next steps. She is joining a Dallas-based manufacturer that says its purifiers clean COVID-19 from the air within minutes and from surfaces within hours. Birx will be the chief scientific and medical adviser for ActivePure Technologies. The company is described as a “global provider of air purification products and technology focused on disinfection solutions for surface and airborne COVID-19.”

A third new position for Dr. Birx is as an independent director of Innoviva Inc., a San Francisco-based healthcare-focused asset management company.

It looks like some companies and policy think tanks are not following the orders of The Resistance, those leftists who demand that no person who worked in the Trump administration should ever be employed again. I’m sure an exception to that will be their beloved Dr. Fauci. Birx got along better with Trump until toward the end of his administration when she resisted some of his calls for quicker reopening of the country. She was frequently criticized by Democrats for being complicit during press briefings when Trump spoke about the coronavirus pandemic. After a Thanksgiving trip to visit family, she came under attack from all sides for what looked like blatant hypocrisy in her advice that there be no holiday gatherings due to the pandemic. She exposed the dirty little secret that we aren’t all really in this thing together.

If all things were equal in politics, which they are not, the fact that Fauci was asked to stay on with the Biden administration but not Birx would bring about cries of sexism. But this is a Democrat administration and we know that Biden gets a break. Birx worked with the former president and complimented his interest in the scientific developments of the coronavirus while Fauci frequently threw shade at Trump during media interviews. Birx was more of a team player, at least until the end. Birx gave an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation and voiced regrets over her time on the White House coronavirus task force. She says she is still “processing regrets” in how the handling of the pandemic could have been more effective. “I’m trying to rank order them,” she said. “We have to be willing to step back and really analyze where we could have been and why we weren’t more effective.”

Though Fauci continues to draw a paycheck from the federal government, Birx said she knew that the coronavirus task force would signal the end of her public service career. That thought made her hesitate to take the job when it was offered.

“I understood that to go into the White House and try to support a comprehensive coronavirus response by utilizing the strength of the federal government would be a terminal event for my federal career, which is part of the reason why I didn’t want to do it,” Birx said in the interview.

It’s a bit ironic that Birx is now employed by a company that has written to President Biden about its product and how it can help in the fight against the pandemic.

Birx’s hiring at ActivePure Technology, a Texas-based filtration company, comes as it’s seeking formal clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to market its air purifier for the purpose of removing coronavirus particles.

The company has aggressively marketed its products even as it awaits FDA’s review for Covid-19 filtering, asserting on its website that its technology has a proven “kill rate of over 99.9 percent of airborne SARS-COV-2 within 3 minutes.”

“We developed technology, called ActivePure, that destroys the COVID virus in the air and have deployed it for decades. It’s unique, and it works,” CEO Joe Urso wrote in a recent open letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to “encourage — or, where you can, require — the use of the best technology now.”

Birx may have left The Swamp but she’s now Swamp-adjacent.