Hollywood celebrities react to Trump's second impeachment trial, mock defense attorney

Members of the entertainment industry are expressing the kind of hot takes you expect of them. Our betters in Hollywood want private citizen Donald Trump to be denied the opportunity to run for president again in 2024. That is, if we are honest, what the second impeachment trial of Trump is all about.

House Impeachment Manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, led an emotional case against Trump and in favor of the constitutionality of impeaching an official no longer in office on opening day. He calls Trump “the Inciter-in-Chief”. The premise of the impeachment is that Trump incited the riot on Capitol on January 6 during a rally. Trump’s speech that day was the same as he told his supporters since Election Night. There were appearances of alleged election irregularities that night- his victory was really a “landslide” and supporters have to “fight like hell” to “take back our country” and so on, he said. With so much bitterness over Trump’s loss and the country so politically divided, perhaps a riot on Capitol Hill wasn’t predicted but some kind of reaction was when the votes of the electors were confirmed in the House that day. A portion of Trump’s base is still unwilling to accept his loss.

Hollywood celebs want Trump held accountable for the riot. The video that Raskin introduced in the Senate trial brought back all the emotion and horribleness of the violence and destruction of a building most of us hold sacred – a building where our government does the peoples’ business. Most disturbing of all were the sounds of rioters calling for Vice-President Pence to be hanged and for other elected officials to suffer personal attacks. That’s not protesting election results, it’s calling for the violent overthrow of a constitutional republic. It’s Banana Republic stuff.

Actor Colin Hanks, son of Tom, tweeted about the video, too.

One celebrity asked a legitimate question, one I had as I watched the day’s events play out – why did Trump wait so long to issue a tweet or a video statement denouncing the violence and mayhem?

All of those celebrities have been anti-Trump for more than four years. Their angry tweets are to be expected. One thing that the opening remarks by Trump’s defense attorney Bruce Castor did, though, was to unite the angry leftists with many conservatives and Trump voters in their criticism of Castor’s performance. What in the world was that guy thinking when he began by praising senators and telling them how special they are? He said the House made a good case for impeachment, too. His words were so confusing that Senator Cassidy, a Trump-supporting Republican from Louisiana decided to vote with five predictably anti-Trump senators to determine that the impeachment trial is, in fact, constitutional and should move forward. I don’t think that Cassidy will end up voting to impeach Trump but he made his opinion known of Trump’s defense team. Do better.

Senator Cornyn was bewildered, too. He that the defense presentation was not the best he’s seen. He also tweeted out a thread at the conclusion of the day’s procedures and is waiting to hear all the evidence before making a judgment. I would expect no less from a former Texas Supreme Court justice.

There is little in the way of support for Trump from celebrities on social media. The usual Trump-friendly people are silent now. I did find one, though.

The celebs are back to live-tweet the second day of the trial as I write this Wednesday morning. Rob “Meathead” Reiner calls Republican senators “dead in their hearts and dead in their souls” because he’s all about respect for the other side of the aisle, you know.

Liberty-loving Bette Midler is just happy Trump will never be using Twitter again. She also has some names to call Republican senators.

The attack on Capitol Hill was wrong and must not happen again. Those who committed violence and harmed others, or federal property, must be held accountable for their actions. Five people died and many were injured. Trump should have already come out and said that there are consequences for those actions.

The Trump deranged left will have to eventually move on and oust Trump from living rent-free in their brains. They can take a nice four-year nap now that Beijing Biden and his family are back for some grifting and traditional swamp life.