Video: Three former presidents preach kumbaya and it's just cringe-worthy

Two videos caught my attention this morning. One video was put out by the Biden Inaugural Committee. It features three former presidents at Joe Biden’s inauguration, all of whom are speaking from the same page. It’s all about peace and love now, baby. The other video was posted on Jill Biden’s Twitter account late last night. She thanks the people who put on “our” (meaning herself and Joe) inauguration. Both videos will test your level of tolerance for cringe-worthy political material.

The three amigos were back together yesterday for Joe Biden’s inauguration – former presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barack Obama. It is common for past presidents to be extended invitations to attend the inauguration of a new president, regardless of their political party, and Biden’s was no different. The press swooned over how wonderful it was to see the three of them altogether, it was a show of a return to normal, you see. The bad Orange Man decided to leave on his own terms and departed from the White House without welcoming Joe and Jill Biden. The video’s purpose was to promote unity. It was billed, though, as a special message to Joe Biden.

“It’s an exciting time,” says Bill Clinton. He went on to say that “everyone has to get off their high horse” and reach out to friends and neighbors. Really? Perhaps he should have a chat with his wife sometime. She has gone out of her way to regularly trash Trump and his voters for the last four years. Where was her call for unity in 2016? She still refers to Trump as an illegitimate president. George W. quotes the Golden Rule, yet the Democrats are talking about canceling Republicans, erasing conservative media, and deprogramming Trump voters. Is that how Democrats would like to be treated? It would be nice if he spoke up in favor of Republicans once in a while. And Barack Obama talking about how kind George and Laura were to him and Michelle. Please, that is how human beings treated each other, with civility and good manners in professional settings, before his two terms in office ushered in a deep division between conservatives and liberals. Where were Obama’s bipartisan compromises in office? He rammed through Obamacare, a huge new entitlement, on a one-party vote. The irony is that the Obama administration is how we got President Trump.

The video is a typical Swamp production. Optics over substance. I guess the national media didn’t see the video before going in front of cameras yesterday. It was all about swooning over Joe and Kamala. Contrast that to how Trump and Pence were treated on the night of their inauguration. It is the complete opposite of anything that is unifying. Trump must be erased from history and his administration staffers must be punished for the rest of their lives. This is insanity. After four years of criticizing Trump for acting like a fascist, the left wants to put Trump supporters into deprogramming camps. The leftist media was so petty yesterday that some CNN hosts belittled the size of the crowd at Trump’s send-off at Joint Base Andrews yesterday. The crazy part of that is that his crowd of well-wishers was a standard size. But, since throughout Trump’s time in politics he has garnered huge crowds when he has a normal-sized crowd, the media comments on how small it is.

The 74 million voters who voted for the Republican candidate for president will not be open to the message from the three amigos. Some traditional Republican voters will appreciate the call for civility but the fact is that most Trump voters are not interested in going back to the days of the uniparty. Back in the pre-Trump days, Republicans worked to say in the good graces of Democrats and lost their will to stand up for conservatives values. The Republican Party is no longer the party of fiscal conservativism. George W. unleashed a huge overhaul of the Department of Education with Ted Kennedy called No Child Left Behind, for example. Instead of eliminating the department, he increased it. He also unveiled a new prescription drug entitlement program. And, he got us into two wars which are still with us today, twenty years later. By the time that Bush’s two terms were over, many Republican voters were angry and frustrated over the lack of leadership and the go-along-to-get-along tendencies of the party’s lawmakers in Washington. Trump attracted voters who felt dismissed and not listened to for a very long time.

The video of the three amigos is for Biden voters. It is to virtue-signal that times are back to normal for them. The press will be Biden’s biggest cheerleaders. They will work overtime to tell us how fit and virile and perfect that Creepy Uncle Joe is. Jill Biden will be touted as the best first lady ever, except for Michelle Obama, of course. Biden’s story will be the greatest love story of all time. Make no mistake, though – Jill Biden considers herself the co-president. Kamala Harris has some real competition for Joe’s ear on policy now. Mrs. Biden thinks of herself as a star and all you have to do is observe her behavior in front of people. She even tells media celebrities like Jake Tapper which questions he can and cannot ask of her, as she did during the campaign. And he went along with her.

I have written frequently about how differently Melania Trump was treated than other first ladies. Even Laura Bush eventually got a few magazine covers, mostly with her twin daughters, but she still got them. Melania was ignored completely. The tide has already turned and magazines are writing about Jill and Joe as though they are the greatest people of all time. Not since Romeo and Juliet have we read of such a love story, I tell you.

Here is Jill’s video. She thanks those workers who put together “our” inauguration. That may sound like a petty mention but words matter. She gives her own inflated ego away.

There are only two posts on her new @FLOTUS Twitter account as I write this. That video and the first one is a thank you to Biden voters.