Comedian David Cross "wants blood", not Biden's message of healing and unity

On Saturday Joe Biden tweeted out a call for healing and unity. This wasn’t unusual — there have been other such tweets since the election from his Twitter account. What made this one different, though, was not the tweet itself but a response to it. One B (C?) List actor/comedian is now getting the attention he would not normally be receiving thanks to his response to the president-elect.

David Cross, a name that didn’t ring a bell at the time I read the tweet and his response, is known as a cast member of Arrested Development and his stand-up comedy routines. I know this information thanks to a quick Google search. He, like his peers in LaLa Land, is a big ole NeverTrumper. I have to say, when I first read his response, I laughed. Why? Because it was honest. Biden voters have no desire for peace and love and kumbaya with Trump voters. That goes both ways, of course, so a little bit of honesty was amusing.

When that tweet was posted, conservatives took Cross to task because that is how this works. There were comments of the boldness of keyboard warriors when in real life they are probably soy boys and that sort of comment. He noticed.

He admits to expressing a violent fantasy. I wonder why Twitter didn’t flag the tweet as one that violates its policy. Oh, never mind. Later he acknowledged how the tweet had “taken off” and tried to make a joke about the blood remark. It’s lame and weird. Whatever.

Here’s the thing. Humor is best when it is reality-based. This guy was honestly putting his opinion out there. It’s pretty hard to imagine he’d do anything to follow through on his violent fantasy of getting blood from Trump supporters. It wasn’t like Kathy Griffin’s tweet where she holds a decapitated likeness of Trump’s head, for example. That was graphic and shocking. Cross just typed out some words that he thought were clever. I’m much more ok with his method than Griffin’s unhinged behavior.

Biden is insufferable on Twitter. By the way, I don’t for a minute think it is actually Biden running his Twitter account. Some staffer is doing it and the tweets are lame and/or partisan in nature. There is no unifying tone to his tweets against Republicans or Trump. Why would any reasonable person expect Republicans to flip a switch and suddenly be open to linking arms with the Biden administration and the Democrats in Congress to do their bidding? It’s not happening after four solid years of every crazy thing the Democrats tried to pull – impeachment, #TheResistance and protests included.

David Cross exemplifies a Biden supporter. He is such a good example that The Lincoln Project grifters used some of his comedy routine and his voice in an ad against President Trump leading up to the November election.

That comes from this comedy routine in 2019:

Liberal Trump bashers often speak in violent terms while talking about their fantasies of taking Trump out of the White House.

Cross has been a vocal critic of President Trump and even joked about different ways Trump’s presidency would end during a recent stand-up show.

“Will he be arrested and sent to federal prison for treason?” he asked the audience during his Oh Come On comedy special. “Or will he die of a massive coronary on a golden toilet? Or will he be assassinated by a group of caring nuns?”

Others in the entertainment industry have sounded off on their elation that Trump will leave the White House next month, including actor Alec Baldwin, who listed different violent ways the president could be removed from the Pennsylvania Avenue residence.

“Who arrests Trump if he refuses to concede? Who drags him out?” Baldwin asked on Twitter last week.

“A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen? Does he wheeze ‘I can’t breathe.’ Just whale away on him like a piñata? Rodney King style? The thug who has destroyed the country. What does he deserve?” Baldwin wrote.

Baldwin has his own troubles right now but he, too, is part of the most vocally Trump-deranged in the entertainment world. Soon enough, they will all have to find new material. No, not from Biden. He’ll get a free pass on everything until he can no longer show up for work and Kamala takes over.