The reviews are in: Liberals criticize Dan Crenshaw's Georgia Re-Loaded political ad

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is working hard to help the run-off campaigns of Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Holding the Senate in Republican control is a top priority, as it should be for any conservative American. On Sunday a new “re-loaded” ad was posted on social media from Crenshaw and suddenly everyone’s a campaign ad critic.

You may have seen Crenshaw and five other Texas Republicans who ran for election to the House in November. Crenshaw won his re-election bid and three of the five other Republican candidates won their races. (Wesley Hunt, the candidate running to represent my own Congressional district, didn’t win.) The six candidates came together and ran an ad, a joint effort, which drew attention, not just because this kind of joint campaigning doesn’t happen often, but also because the ad was fun to watch. It was an action-filled ad, with some people dubbing the candidates as “The Avengers”. It was received well by Republicans in Texas and mocked by those on the left, as you might expect. It was long, almost four minutes, more like an action movie’s trailer than a political ad.

Crenshaw released his ad to publicize a rally scheduled in Georgia next week for Senators Loeffler and Perdue run-off campaigns. This time instead of a supporting cast, Crenshaw goes it alone. He doesn’t remove his eyepatch and use his eye socket to interact with a smartphone via a tech implant but he does jump out of an airplane again. He lands on a vehicle occupied by Antifa.

Yes, it’s hokey and over-the-top and you have to wonder why Antifa is patroling an open field in Georgia but never mind. It’s meant as entertainment, not a serious political ad. Just as the Texas ad did, it will get a lot of play on social media and Crenshaw will include it in television interviews which are good for publicizing the rally in Georgia on December 21. It’s advertising. The ad includes Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL veteran like Crenshaw, and Rep. Kevin Brady.

Disgraced California politician Katie Hill commented.

And, so did the wife of Alexander Vindman, a name from the days of Trump’s impeachment. Let’s just say she’s not a Crenshaw fan.

What’s a dogpile of liberal critics without a Never Trump conservative to throw herself on, too? Meghan McCain responded by asking if the ad was really the best use of funds and providing the best message for the run-off races. She sounded like a humorless scold but maybe it’s just from sleep deprivation – she does have a newborn baby. I’m sure her co-workers on The View will applaud her, though. Never Trumpers like the video adventures of The Lincoln Project, you know.

Both Loeffler and Perdue can use help in Georgia. The left is highly motivated and there are plenty of high-profile Democrats traveling to Georgia to campaign for the Democrats. Corporate America is investing in run-off races, too. In-person early voting begins today. This is set to become the most expensive Senate campaigns ever.

On the GOP side, Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman and Citadel’s Ken Griffin are among the top donors to a political action committee (PAC) linked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings contributed $500,000 to a Democratic PAC, but the party is focusing more on small-donor support. Its online fundraising platform processed nearly $112 million in donations from Nov. 4 to Nov. 23 (the GOP equivalent processed $55.6 million).

The stakes are high. Conservatives don’t want the agenda of Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Party to take over the Senate. Crenshaw is bringing attention to a GOP rally. Good for him. Lighten up, libs.