CNN anchor Kate Bolduan's "facts first" sweater deserves all the mocking it is getting

CNN put forward a new tagline in 2017 – “Facts First”. The irony does not escape any Trump supporter. The Democrats and their cohorts in the media have gaslit Americans for four years. Now the cable news network that revolved around nothing but anti-Trump stories, whether real or phony, for the last four years wants to be taken seriously.

Daytime show anchor Kate Bolduan took part in fashion politics Thursday. She captured the attention of CNN’s viewership with her choice of sweater. The $400 pink cashmere sweater was embroidered with the CNN tagline. For whatever reason, Bolduan chose to wear a message on her sweater. The tagline is all about slamming Trump and Trump-friendly outlets. CNN admits as much. The tagline was created to “combat” Trump’s rhetoric.

“Facts First” has been a CNN marketing tagline since 2017. The phrase was created in an effort to combat the rhetoric used by President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly called CNN “fake news” over the years.

CNN Worldwide Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allison Gollust said in a 2017 interview that the network was prompted to proclaim “facts first” because “there’s a conversation happening around journalism and media and the First Amendment.”

“It’s happening right now. We felt compelled to participate in that conversation with a brand campaign that reminds people who we are and what we do and why we do it,” she said at the time.

The sweater was customized and hand-embroidered, as is the line of sweaters with a message. She didn’t just order this off the rack at a department store. While most women would have worn the sweater in their off-air time, Bauduan made the upscale casual wear garment into business attire. Liberals loved it.

Bolduan is a card-carrying member of The Swamp. The media and people in power mingle over cocktails or dinners or even special off-the-record gatherings to get their talking points and socialize together. It’s an easy transition for those in politics to transition into media jobs. George Stephanopoulos springs to mind. Bolduan is a big Hillary Clinton supporter. As was discovered in the emails from Wikileaks, in 2015, just two days before Hillary announced her candidacy, a private off-the-record gathering was hosted by Joel Benenson, the chief campaign strategist for Hillary. The guest list only contained the names of reporters who would cover Hillary on the campaign trail. Bolduan, along with Brianna Keilar, Gloria Borger, and John Berman was invited from CNN. You get the point, she’s one of the crowd.

The Resistance is fond of wearing clothing that advertises their opposition to Trump. The pink pussy hats became a symbol of The Resistance during the first Women’s March, held the day after Trump’s inauguration and since then. The Resistance wear costumes of female reproductive organs in pro-choice demonstrations. Jill Biden wore designer boots with the word “vote” on them this year. Democrat women wore all black during the Trump impeachment trial.

Bolduan’s sweater just happened to make its designer’s website, complete with an ode to CNN. With the purchase of each sweater, $100 goes to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Facts are facts.
They aren’t colored by emotion or bias.
They are indisputable.
There is no alternative to a fact.
Facts explain things.
What they are, how they happened.
Facts are not interpretations.
Once facts are established, opinions can be formed.
And while opinions matter, they don’t change facts.
We stand with our friends at CNN who start with the facts first.

Lingua Franca NYC has been making “politically-minded luxury brand” garments as a “part of the fashion resistance.” Conservatives noted the political statement disguised as the cable network’s tagline. Bolduan deserved every bit of the snark she received. Her virtue-signaling was not professional.

Apparently, the mention that $100 will be donated to the Committee to Protect Journalists was an afterthought. Oof.

CNN’s ratings have seen a turn for the better since the November election but still not quite at FNC’s level. For all of CNN’s opposition to President Trump and his term in office, their ratings tanked consistently month after month. Perhaps management is just giddy to see some good news and allowing news anchors to drop the mask and just be political operatives. Does it scream professional journalist to be a part of a clothing company’s advertising campaign?

Facts First for CNN means only one point of view is allowed. Conservatives are frequently replaced by semi-conservatives who will trash the GOP in general and Trump specifically. Say what you will about FOX News but during the day its programming is about news and current events, not opinions. Opinion shows are aired during primetime hours. The daytime shows include viewpoints from both sides of the aisle.

CNN devoted time to Russia, Russia, Russia all day and night for three years. They reported on every planted story by anti-Trump sources without hesitation. They helped sway an election by working with Democrats to suppress stories about Biden and his family’s corruption and grifting. Facts do matter and CNN is usually fresh out of them.