The calls for unity are falling on deaf ears, at least for now

As soon as the television networks began to call the election for Joe Biden on Saturday morning, spontaneous dance parties began in the streets of major cities. Just like that, the coronavirus was not on anyone’s mind as joyful Biden voters smushed together like sardines in the street. Social distancing and masks don’t matter if the right people are ignoring such guidelines. And, just like clockwork, the Democrats began demanding unity from Trump voters for their guy, Joe.

We are now one week out from the general election on November 3. The election is not settled. Generally speaking, the only people declaring a win for President Trump are the media and Democrats, but I repeat myself. Biden is going full steam ahead. He declared victory and delivered an acceptance speech Saturday night to honking automobile horns and fireworks near his home in Delaware. During his speech, he made a pitch for unity. Joe Biden actually delivered the same message that Donald Trump delivered four years ago. Both men promised to be the president of every American, whether someone voted for him or not. Sleepy Joe even continued in his nuanced plagiarism of Barack Obama’s 2004 speech to the Democrat convention as he said there are no red states or blue states but the United States. When Obama delivered that speech, he was hailed as a talented speechmaker. It was his high water mark, in my opinion, as I still remember that speech because of his strong delivery. Biden, however, is almost 78 years old now and not the man now that he was in 2008. Biden has never been known as a talented speechmaker and now his voice is weak and raspy. He sounds garbled.

Biden’s speech Saturday night was meant to begin the process that requires the losing side of an election to begin to accept the election results. That is never an overnight kind of thing. It was particularly contentious in 2000 after George W. Bush defeated Al Gore. Bush was burned in effigy by Democrat mobs, he was called Bushitler, and later anti-war protesters like Cindy Sheehan camped out near his Texas ranch. Even though Barack Obama was strongly opposed by conservatives, in comparison, he was given a smooth transition. Then when President Trump won in 2016, we know what happened.

Our memories are not nearly as short as Democrats think. Trump voters are a mix of populists, conservatives, Republicans, and moderate Democrats. President Trump’s treatment by Democrats, the media, and public figures during the past four years have been nothing short of despicable. Is it any wonder that calls for unity are falling on deaf ears now? As I mentioned above, the election hasn’t been settled. It hasn’t been certified. Trump supporters are not going to take the word of the media and accept what looks to be some really irregular actions happening in Pennsylvania. In 2000, only Florida was being contested. This year, several states are still in question. Some re-counts will likely be triggered by the final numbers. The Biden team likes to say that they won an overwhelming victory. That is simply not true. Joe Biden has no mandate.

One Never Trumper was quick to jump on Twitter to demand that Trump supporters who question the election vote counts be denied future employment and shunned from “polite society”. Jen Rubin is even making a list and checking it twice.

The blowback was swift and brutal, as it should have been. Americans don’t want to be lectured on civil behavior by such a Trump deranged person. Lists. What’re next, red stars pinned on the outside of jackets? She has been unhinged for four years and the Washington Post has published her every ugly word against Trump and his administration, as well as his family.

There are calls for just burning down the entire Republican Party. This guy calls for Republicans to be treated as threats to democracy by the Biden administration. You know, like the Obama – Biden administration treated Republicans.

CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted an oddly veiled, it seemed, threat to those demanding transparency in counting votes. Hey, what if a future employer saw your behavior right now? It’d be a shame if anything happened to future opportunities. Geez. Character, indeed.

Tapper has now tweeted out that it is too extreme to punish anyone who worked with the Trump administration, as some Democrats threaten to do. Gosh. How generous. Trump supporters and administration officials are regularly runoff from public establishments and attacked in public, or at least they were before the coronavirus lockdowns.

So, if Democrats with platforms are trashing Republicans for not jumping on the Biden train fast enough for their taste, this kind of ugly behavior is a large part of that hesitancy. I’m not talking about political junkies and people who work in politics, I’m talking about regular people who go vote and then get on with their lives. They are hearing the same stories as everyone else is hearing on their nightly news shows. There have been some shady stories reported and all of that should be investigated. It is reasonable for people to hold back and wait for some answers. Joe Biden is not owed anyone’s support. He and his people have to earn it.

Look in the mirror, Democrats and Never Trumpers. Where has all that civil behavior from your side been for the last four years?

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