Colbert chokes up during opening monologue, trashes Trump and GOP for "poisoning American democracy"

Stephen Colbert wants you to know that he is really upset about President Trump’s statements during his appearance in the White House press briefing room on Thursday. Trump spoke to the White House press corps in response to the ballot counting process unfolding in several states. Colbert choked up as he spoke and it was all very weird, even for the Trump deranged late-night show host.

Colbert recorded the opening monologue after he recorded the rest of Thursday night’s show. His hyperbolic reaction to Trump’s statements is not funny or entertaining to anyone who is not on the same level of derangement that he exhibits. Just as Colbert says that Trump’s statements were to be expected, so was Colbert’s reaction. Funny how the left is so lacking in self-awareness, right? Colbert’s hyper-partisan attacks on President Trump and Republicans might not be such a big deal if he didn’t have such a large platform. Besides Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Colbert also created and produces a show built solely around the election of President Trump – Our Cartoon President which airs on Showtime. Like many anti-Trump grifters, he is making money off of spewing hatred while they gaslight everyone else.

The host was dressed all in black because he dressed “for a funeral because Donald Trump tried really hard to kill something tonight.’ He said Trump lied for 15 minutes in the press briefing room. He mocked Trump’s assertions of voter fraud and shenanigans by Democrats. He showed a video clip of Trump in 2016 where he said he’d accept the results of the 2016 election if he won. Then Colbert hung his head as he choked up. It hurts so much, you see. Yeah, it’s pretty lame.

“I didn’t expect this to break my heart,” Colbert said in response. “For him to cast a dark shadow on our most sacred right, from the briefing room in the White House — our house, not his — that is devastating. This is heartbreaking for the same reason that I didn’t want him to get COVID, certainly wanted him to survive, because he is the President of the United States. That office means something, and that office should have some shred of decency.”

He drones on in righteous indignation about Trump’s insistence that the process plays out. He also drags in all Republicans. He expects the entire party to cower to liberal demands that Biden’s victory is immediately respected and for Republican voters to denounce Trump’s behavior.

Everything Trump has done “is now in some way presidential behavior,” Colbert remarked, “unless every single person rejects what he just did.” He continued, “And that means, for all the predictable behavior of the last few days and the last four years, right now something unpredictable needs to happen. Republicans have to speak up. All of them. Because for evil to succeed, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing. So, say something right now, Republicans.”

Turning his attention to the GOP, Colbert said it’s in their “best interest” to “get off the Trump train.” “You only survived this up until now because a lot of voters didn’t want to believe everything that was obvious to so many of us: that Donald Trump is a fascist,” the host added. “And when it comes to democracy versus fascism, there are not fine people on both sides. So you need to choose: Donald Trump or the American people?”

He sounds just like one of The Lincoln Project people, doesn’t he? He calls Trump a fascist, conjures up the debunked lie that Trump called white supremacists “fine people” and then says a Trump supporter cannot support both him and the American people. He chastised Republicans for their silence up until now and demanded they speak up.

“For all the predictable behavior of the last few days and the last four years,” Colbert said, “right now, something unpredictable needs to happen. Republicans have to speak up. All of them.”

“Because for evil to succeed, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing,” Colbert continued, paraphrasing British philosopher John Stuart Mill. “So say something right now, Republicans.”

In case Colbert has been too subtle in his Trump hatred over the last four years, “evil” he refers to is Trump himself. Some Republicans have jumped out in front and denounced the President and called for him to remain silent.

Former Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum called Trump’s remarks “disappointing and shocking” during a Thursday appearance on CNN. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who also served as an adviser to Trump, criticized Trump’s comments on ABC News Thursday. “This kind of thing—all it does is inflame without informing,” Christie said.

Remaining silent and passively allowing events to unfold isn’t Trump’s way. The reason so many voters flock to him is because of his fighting spirit. He fights for what he thinks is right. He is doing that now and he also does it for his supporters. A typical Republican running for president would be far more passive. Status quo Republicans do not fight back – just ask President McCain or President Romney for comment.

Trump is allowed to question the results. He is allowed to initiate legal action. His supporters are entitled to fight back with him.

Colbert was delivering Democrat talking points in that monologue. A tweet from Biden (his staffers) says “no one will take our democracy” which is Colbert’s slam against Trump. Trump is destroying democracy. We are a constitutional republic, though, and President Trump has rights, too. There is a process for all of this.

We are in this spot right now because it was the Democrats’ plan all along to use the coronavirus pandemic to push for universal mail-in voting. Local election officials are not prepared to deal with that across the country. Republicans run many of these locales that are in question right now and they are as responsible for their part in the chaos as Democrats. The legal process has to play out. I’ll be honest, when I went to bed on Election Night, I thought I witnessed Democrats stealing a presidential election in real-time. There was a whole lot of odd things happening, including the counting of ballots just randomly stopping. Then batches of ballots would show up, all for Joe Biden. That sure looked like ballot harvesting to me. You cannot convince me that if the shoe was on the other foot, the Biden campaign would not be contesting the results, too.

Just remember that it was Hillary Clinton who advised the Biden campaign to not concede to President Trump… ever. Trump is not killing democracy. This is what democracy looks like.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on June 07, 2023