The Lincoln Project's final pitch to voters with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill - dump Trump, save Fauci

On the eve of Election Day, The Lincoln Project released ads using actors Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. The music of the late music legend Ray Charles is used in one, too. The idea is to deliver a hyperbolic message of doom and gloom if President Trump wins re-election with calm familiar voices. And, who doesn’t love the Ray Charles version of America the Beautiful?

Let me say I find it unfortunate that Ray Charles’ legend is tarnished by this group of professional political grifters. Ray Charles wasn’t known as a political activist. Yet, here we are. Vote for hope, vote for change, vote for America is the message. This is the first time Ray Charles music has been used in a political ad, according to Steve Schmidt. He thanked the Ray Charles Foundation.

It’s a beautiful ad, to be honest. That is to be expected. These guys are men, mostly, who made very comfortable livings by working for Republican candidates, using their skills in making campaign ads and targeting specific audiences. Now they are working against the very donors they previously counted on to raise money for their candidates – regular Republican voters – in order to try and convince them to vote for a Democrat and his far-left running mate. Think about that. They disdain Republican voters. They identify with Democrats and they use the excuse that the Orange Man is bad.

The next ad is on in defense of Dr. Fauci. It’s a choice, according to The Lincoln Project, either Trump or Fauci. Harrison Ford narrates the ad.

The spot features a scene from a Trump rally on Sunday in which supporters began chanting “Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci!” and the president responded, “Don’t tell anybody, but let me wait til a little bit after the election.”

Ford then says, “Tomorrow, you can fire only one of them. The choice is yours.”

I’m not looking to dog Dr. Fauci. I think he is a dedicated medical professional. He has, however, been wrong about some aspects of the coronavirus, as has everyone during the pandemic. The coronavirus is something not seen before and there is still much that hasn’t been answered about it. I understand the frustration with Fauci by some people, though, as Fauci sometimes seems to relish his higher public profile a bit too much. He’s a liberal media darling being turned into a star. I won’t be surprised if he is given his own network show soon. Fauci has valuable medical experience in past pandemics but have the viruses been eliminated? There is no vaccine or “cure” for HIV/AIDS, for example. There are therapeutic drugs but no vaccine. Fauci was brought in to work on the coronavirus because of his past work so it is legitimate to question his record of success. In other words, he is a human being. He is as vulnerable as any of us, he is not invincible.

The third ad is about absentee ballots and the alleged rise of tyranny in America because of President Trump or something. “Tryanny is looking for a new foothold.” Mark Hamill delivers a brief history of past battles and how absentee voting began. The face of President Trump flashes on the screen when his riff on tyranny begins. He goes into ballots arriving by November 3 and brings military votes into the mix. “Make every vote count and count every vote.”

The point behind that ad is that President Trump voiced concern about ballots arriving past Election Day. That is a legitimate concern and this isn’t the first election that this discussion has been held. Ask any member of the military stationed overseas if there is concern about ballots reaching home in time and being counted. There is always that concern.

What is most offensive of the work of The Lincoln Project is that many in the group have publicly announced that they will vote for Biden and Harris. I don’t care that they are Never Trumpers. I do care that they are not conserving conservatism by supporting a status quo Democrat who chose as his running mate the woman found to have the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate. Biden has been pulled further and further to the far left by Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Biden boasts of planning to be the most progressive president ever. There is no conservatism with the Democrat ticket. The Lincoln Project people have thrown in with Democrats who align with socialists and Marxists. That isn’t an exaggeration. Now they have turned to liberal members of the Hollywood community to help them with closing ads.

The Lincoln Project has raised millions of dollars. They will all reap financial benefits from the project and that was their goal. They are political grifters, remember that. They have shown us who they are. We should believe them. They are outsiders in a Trump era, unwilling to accept the good policies and results of his presidency. They dwell on the superficial, Trump’s tone, his mannerisms, his language. They do not put country over party, as they claim. If so, why have they gone to a completely different vision of America than Republicans and conservatives see for America?

Election Day is here. The choice is clear and a binary one. Do you vote for the far left and a President Harris or do you continue to support strong economic policies, excellent judicial appointments, and aggressive deregulation that keeps the American economy going strong? All of that will be wiped out if Biden and Harris win.