Gun-grabbing liberals hire armed security guards in anticipation of Election Day violence

Gun-grabbing liberals hire armed security guards in anticipation of Election Day violence

Wealthy New York City residents are nervous about Election Day results and the aftermath. The hypocrites who are the first to scold working-class Americans about gun ownership are racing to hire extra security for their residences just in case things turn ugly as the results come in. After watching the Summer of Love play out and extend into the present time, who can blame them for being jumpy?

Regular Americans have purchased guns and ammunition at record levels during the lead up to the election. The violence, looting, and property destruction across the country at the hands of the violent left have certainly gotten everyone’s attention. Preparations are underway in cities across the country to protect their residents and businesses from angry, violent leftists. Take, for example, New York City. Wealthy residents in luxury apartment buildings are hiring armed security guards just in case riots break out. One apartment building has made the decision public.

The luxe Chelsea apartment building that has been home to Debbie Harry, Pete Davidson and Tim Gunn, among other bold-faced names, is hiring armed guards for Election Day, Page Six has learned.

London Terrace Towers sent out an email to residents which read, “As you are aware, government enforcement agencies across the country are making plans to control the possible civil unrest following the upcoming presidential election.”

“Regardless of the outcome of [Tuesday’s] election, our concerns range from isolated violent incidents to a long stretch of mass protests, confrontations between extremists, and potential property damage,” it continued.

So the management says they’re hiring extra guards to patrol the area. And insiders tell us that they’ll be carrying guns.

One resident made an awkward joke about potential violence. Former and current residents also include Chelsea Clinton, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Hader, Annie Leibovitz, Bridget Moynahan, tennis star Milos Raonic, among others. One resident said, “It’s all a little much but this is Chelsea and with The Eagle leather bar closed due to the pandemic, no one is going to complain about seeing guys in uniform with a big gun!”

Another NYC residential building, 220 Central Park, located on Manhattan’s “Billionaire’s Row”, is ramping up its normal precautions. The building has security guards and is addressing additional safety measures. Tom Buiocchi, CEO of the contractor company ServiceChannel, is seeing an increase in requests for extra security guards and ways to board up stores. Without going into specifics, according to its website, the company’s client list includes Fendi, Tory Burch, and Givenchy.

Walmart announced the decision to pull guns and ammo from store shelves before Election Day and then quickly changed that decision.

Cities are boarding up downtown areas in preparation for election results. Washington, D.C. is boarded up and has closed parking on Election Day in preparation for demonstrations. The word ‘demonstration’ is not really accurate, right? A demonstration isn’t the same as a riot. Preparations for a riot would require businesses and other buildings to board up windows, not an ordinary demonstration. The mayor is telling people to avoid traveling through downtown altogether.

The Metropolitan Police Department announced on Thursday the parking restrictions for all of Tuesday, Nov. 3 and Wednesday, Nov. 4. Intermittent street closures are possible.

“We do not advise parking or driving downtown,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a news conference Thursday morning.

City officials are “preparing to ensure the city’s safety” but know “some people would like to cause mayhem,” the mayor said.

The Democrats like to pretend that they are preparing for the election’s aftermath no matter who wins the election. The truth is that the violence and destruction we’ve seen since the death of George Floyd has come almost exclusively from the left. The BLM protests are prone to turn violent as they are infiltrated by Antifa and Marxists. The BLM co-founders proudly call themselves Marxists. They are determined to overthrow our capitalist way of life by any means necessary. The violence seen in last summer’s riots has been found to be linked to BLM activists by up to 95 percent. Windows are not being boarded up to protect buildings from Trump supporters. It’s to protect buildings from BLM and Antifa in case of a Trump victory.

The White House is installing a “non-scalable” fence as a measure of added security before election results come in. It is the same kind of fence put up last summer during protests in D.C.

The fence, the same type that was put up during protests this summer, will encompass the Ellipse and Lafayette Square. It will go down 15th Street to Constitution Avenue and then over to 17th Street. The fence will then run up to H Street and across by Lafayette, and then come down 15th Street, the source said.

NBC News was first to report the new fencing. A Secret Service spokeswoman declined to comment to CNN, saying the agency does not comment on security measures.

The extra layer of security marks the most high-profile example to date of authorities preparing for unrest following this year’s election, particularly if there is no clear winner come November 4.

As CNN previously reported, the immediate perimeters around the White House have already been largely blocked off to the public this year for a range of reasons, from construction on the White House gate, to protests and looting that occurred in downtown Washington in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

Lafayette Park, across the street from the north side of the White House and a popular protest gathering spot, had also largely been fenced-in since police aggressively moved in on protesters alongside it in July.

If there is no clear winner, as most people predict will happen on Election Night, there will be “significant deployments of officers at all levels across the capital.” Intelligence officers are working with D.C. police and monitoring airspace which is routine during periods of heightened anxiety. The White House isn’t preparing for violent Trump supporters, it’s preparing for the violent leftists that will refuse once again to accept a Trump victory on Election Night. If Trump wins the election, prepare for the worst, and pray for the best.

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