Singers, musicians sign on with Planned Parenthood ad campaign in swing states

Planned Parenthood has organized a get out the vote ad blitz in six swing states this week. The full-page ads in newspapers include the names of hundreds of singers and musicians. The campaign is called We Need Every Voice.

The targeted newspapers include Detroit Free Press, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and Austin American Statesman – that’s right, Texas is considered a swing state by Democrats now. The musical artists who have signed on include “the Beastie Boys, the Breeders, the Chicks, St. Vincent, Queens of the Stone Age, Phoebe Bridgers, Angel Olsen, Bright Eyes, Margo Price, Weezer, and dozens more”, according to Rolling Stone. As you might guess, the ad was created in response to Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. The panic on the left is real, whether it is a legit concern or not.

“United, our voices can change the direction of this country. Voting shapes our lives and has lasting effects,” the ad states. “After the rushed confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, in the midst of a pandemic, we now face a Supreme Court that puts our health and freedoms, including our right to safe and legal abortion, at extreme risk. The damage already inflicted on our country will last for generations. We can’t afford any further assaults on our reproductive freedom — our right to control our bodies. We need your voice.”

The ad continued: “This election, more than any other, will determine our health, rights and our future. Now, we decide. We need every voice. Vote, because your body is your own.”

“Everything is on the line with this election. Voters across the country understand that we need leaders who will fight to protect our rights and access to health care in every branch of government — that’s why tens of millions of Americans have already cast their ballots by mail or in-person in states with early voting,” Alexis McGill Johnson, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement.

“As we face a Supreme Court that now poses an even greater threat to people’s healthcare access and reproductive rights, we know there is power in exercising our right to vote. We are proud to partner with musicians for We Need Every Voice to mobilize more people to use their voices and their votes to help elect leaders that will protect our futures, our health, our rights, and our freedoms.”

Rolling Stone lists others from the music industry and among them is the inclusion of “the Postal Service”. I admit I had to check to see if that’s a band or the agency that delivers the mail. They are an indie-pop group. It’s 2020 and you never know – I do know the postal workers union endorsed Biden.

Many of the artists are well-known as political activists. I will note the irony of the title of this song featured in the advertising for a Planned Parenthood fundraiser concert.

Halsey tweeted out support of the ad campaign and included a website that provides voting locations.

Singer Billie Eilish, a hugely popular 18-year-old star, advertised her commitment to getting out the vote by participating in a CBS broadcast special. I recently covered a music awards show for MRC/Newsbusters and she was the only artist to accept an award that night and say anything political. It was only one tame line reminding the audience to go vote, thankfully.

Elections are always billed as the most important of our lives, certainly in recent election cycles. Elections are about the future. In the case of Ms. Eilish, it is certainly logical that she feels this way, as she is only 18 years old now. This is why Joe Biden has such trouble garnering enthusiasm from his supporters. For those looking for more than placing a vote against Trump, voters looking to vote for someone, not against someone, Biden’s messaging is filled with doom and gloom and what he claims to have accomplished in the past. Voters want to be hopeful and inspired. Trump is the only candidate offering that. His message is the best is yet to come. Voters listen to Biden and wonder why he hasn’t already done what he now promises since he’s a 47 year member of The Swamp. Sleepy Joe is fresh out of energy and new ideas.

Bringing celebrities out to support abortion isn’t anything new. Planned Parenthood spends millions of dollars to lobby for its future. President Trump is billed as the most pro-life president yet the abortion provider receives $500 million tax dollars annually. Trump has been successful in some efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and not successful in other efforts. He continues to pledge to keep up the fight if he is re-elected.

Ms. Eilish has been busy in her pre-election activism. She participated in a live-streamed pay-per-view event about climate change last Saturday. Her message is you don’t vote, we’re all going to die. There’s some inspiration for you, amirite? And, Trump is the worst. Someone should tell young Billie that during the Trump administration, greenhouse gas emissions have declined below the levels sought as environmental goals.

Environmental wreckage in particular was weighing heavy on Eilish’s mind, as the singer’s between-songs commentary had her alternating get-out-the-vote messages with save-the-planet pleas.

After the footage of forest fires and melting icecaps during “All the Good Girls Go to Hell” ended with Eilish in front of the words “No Music on a Dead Planet,” she urged watching fans to “please, vote people. We have 10 days til this election. It is is so important that you vote, especially if you’re young, because we’re the ones with futures — unless you don’t vote and we all die. But I cannot stress enough, vote as early as you can. I voted last week… We’ve gotta do something, because the world is dying and people are dying and Trump is the worst.”

Election Day is five days away.

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