Mel Brooks releases first political video to endorse Biden

Do Hollywood celebrity endorsements matter in presidential elections? No, not really, but sometimes they can be interesting, like this one coming from legendary funnyman Mel Brooks. Wednesday Brooks released what is being labeled his first political video. He is 94 years old so that’s a pretty good run considering how eager celebrities are to jump into political discourse.

The release of this video is interesting because Brooks has maintained an apolitical reputation. He may be interested in politics but he hasn’t been open about his hot takes on political issues or candidate endorsements. President Obama awarded him the 2015 National Medal of Arts during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House. There isn’t any reason to think he isn’t a Democrat voter like his Hollywood peers, he’s just known as one who keeps it to himself. Frankly, it looks like the coronavirus pandemic has broken him. His frustration is perfectly understandable – he is a father and a grandparent who is unable to visit with his family without the barrier of a sliding glass door because of his age – and he is taking it out on Trump. The video was released on his son Max’s Twitter account.

Sadly, Brooks succumbs to boilerplate Democrat talking points. He says “Trump’s not doing a damn thing” about the coronavirus. We can argue about Trump’s overly confident delivery of facts about the spread of the virus or the amount of those who have been infected or even about his overly optimistic predictions about which the speed of a vaccine will arrive. But, there is no denying that Trump has moved mountains to get people the equipment and supplies that are needed. He moved much quicker than Democrats wanted to close down air traffic from China – they called him xenophobic and racist, including Joe Biden – and put in place a White House coronavirus task force with Vice President Pence in charge of overseeing it. Then he went to work on getting ventilators produced as quickly as possible, as well as protective equipment for first responders and health care workers. He has been pushing for a vaccine for months, as well as therapeutic drugs. What more could he have done from the White House?

Trump encouraged governors to take the lead in procuring what their states needed, which was the right way to go. Each state has been hit differently by the plague and a one-size-fits-all approach was an efficient way to go. Government closest to the people is best, as conservatives believe. While Democrats are busy making Trump’s response to the coronavirus as the dominant issue in the presidential campaign, Joe Biden hasn’t offered one new idea or approach that hasn’t already been done by the Trump administration. The Obama-Biden administration had to deal with both Ebola and H1N1 and allegedly Joe Biden was put in charge of the federal response to both. Even his pandemic czar, Ron Klain, admits the failure of the Obama administration in battling both. Joe Biden has no new ideas about anything, not even the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump has encouraged factories to switch to producing medical equipment and supplies. He has signed executive orders requiring drugs to be purchased from American manufacturers instead of China, and he has signed an order to lower drug pricing. Democrats would like to pretend that one man can magically contain or end a pandemic. In contrast, Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement since he became the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate while Trump has gone back out on the campaign trail. Trump is campaigning with a schedule that would put candidates who are many years younger to shame after recovering from the coronavirus himself. Biden provides no inspiration though he criticizes Trump’s leadership style. Trump’s optimism is meant to stabilize the financial market and encourage states to open up and put people back to work. Team Biden is critical of the economy yet Joe Biden is open to another national lockdown. Our economic collapse is because of the coronavirus and China, not President Trump. He held off as long as he could, knowing the devastating effects a national lockdown would produce. Biden’s solution is another national lockdown and a national mask mandate.

Mel Brooks is not a fan of political correctness and has not been a performer to jump on the bandwagon and slam Trump. Until now. Now he wants to visit with his family. He’s old. He knows he probably doesn’t have a lot of time left and he’s cooped up at his house. His video is pretty darn tame, compared to other celebrities. He isn’t accusing Trump of killing people. He says “Trump is not doing a damn thing.” And then he says he has to go fill out his ballot.

Contrast Mel’s video with, say, the cast of HBO’s Succession who released videos for swing-state voters. Heads up, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and South Carolina voters. Lots of f-bombs involved in these videos. Warning: NSFW (language)

Brian Cox is an Emmy Award-winning Scottish actor. He plays the patriarch in Succession. He isn’t an American. Does that count as foreign influence in our election? Just kidding. Sorta.

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