Can a Pennsylvania bakery predict the presidential election outcome?

A Pennsylvania bakery is putting a sweet spin on election news. Lochel’s Bakery’s candidate cookies have accurately predicted the last 3 presidential elections. Located in Montgomery County just north of Philadelphia, the cookies are so popular that a limit has been put in place for how many can be purchased per customer.

The family-owned and operated bakery in Hatboro, Pennsylvania is continuing a tradition of selling cookies with the names of the presidential candidates in the icing. This year there is a Trump 2020 cookie with a design in red and a Biden 2020 cookie with a design in blue. This year the bakery says the response from customers is unlike anything it has ever seen in previous election years. The election-themed cookies are flying off the shelf. That sounds right for 2020.

The response is so over-the-top this year that besides a limit to the number of cookies a walk-in customer can purchase, there is a number of cookies that an advance order must satisfy. When they are gone, the shop closes for the day.

“People are going crazy for them,” said bakery owner Kathleen Lochel in a statement to Fox News, adding that the shop usually only sells a few hundred each election.

Since debuting this year’s cookies, however, Lochel’s has already sold thousands of the treats — and demand doesn’t seem to be dwindling anytime soon. On Friday morning, Lochel’s announced on Facebook that the bakery sold out of its supply the previous day, forcing the shop to close early to “bake, recoup and stock.”

“We will be open at 6 a.m. until when [I don’t know] because we could sell out like yesterday,” reads a message from the shop. “If we sell out we close early.”

Lochel’s is now instituting a six-cookie limit for all walk-in customers. The bakery has further announced that it would only accept advance orders of 100 cookies or more.

The bakery is shipping the cookies to states all over the country. Bakery owner Kathleen Lochel says “People are going crazy for them.’ She is tallying up the sales to keep track of the candidate that is winning the cookie poll. So, who is winning the cookie poll? The cookie purchases have been overwhelmingly in support of President Trump. “So far as of 10 a.m. Trump is in the lead 3 to 1,” she told Fox News on Friday morning.

Lochel is quick to say that this is not an endorsement of one candidate over another. She’s using the marketing gimmick to sell iced sugar cookies and the increase in sales are keeping the small business operating while hiring more workers. It’s a win-win for the bakery during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are NOT favoring a candidate, we are NOT displaying personal feelings or commenting on who we want to win,” Kathleen tells Fox News. “What we are doing is winning for the bakery,” she added, explaining that the sales have more than made up for the initial losses the business suffered at the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, Lochel’s Bakery has had to hire more workers to keep up with demand, and Kathleen says she’s proud to be providing work and paying her employees overtime wages “through a rough time.”

“We need to keep going to provide for staff, community and most importantly give people a sense of normalcy,” she said.

Despite the fact that the bakery’s cookie poll correctly predicted a Trump win in 2016, Montgomery County voters went to the polls and 58.38% of voters chose Hillary Clinton.

After hearing of the bakery’s cookie poll story, Eric Trump paid a visit.

Whether the winning streak continues for the bakery in picking the next president or not, the bakery comes out a winner.