Democrat senator's meltdown: Trump is "deliberately killing people"

Someone needs to go check on Senator Murphy. He seems to be having some problems dealing with President Trump’s re-election campaign. Just when you think that an angry Democrat can’t go any lower in criticizing Trump, one does. This time it is Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

Saturday Senator Murphy said that President Trump is “deliberately killing people”. This was Murphy’s opinion because of Trump’s campaign appearances. It is pretty jarring to hear a sitting senator accuse the President of the United States of premeditated murder.

“Can we take the gloves off and tell the truth? Trump is deliberately killing people,” Murphy wrote on Twitter. “He holds rallies where people get infected. On Thursday, no social distancing or masks, sending a clear message that the CDC should be ignored.”

“His plan is to kill people. Let’s just say it,” Murphy continued.

Naturally, sane people responded and pushed back on his incendiary tweet.

Murphy’s unhinged remarks were particularly ironic considering that the day before, on Friday, there was a huge gathering in Washington, D.C. to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington with aggrieved professional race-hustler Al Sharpton and MLK, Jr.’s oldest child, Martin Luther King, III. There was a whole lot of people not practicing social distancing or wearing masks, including those on the stage who were deliberately playing to the grievances of race-baiters. No accusations that Al Sharpton is deliberately killing people, though.

By the way, if Trump was trying to kill people, would he choose to “murder” his most ardent supporters who come to his rallies? Doesn’t he need them to be alive and voting in November?

It looks like Trump’s post-convention rally in New Hampshire set Murphy off. The problem with that logic, though, is that face masks were mandatory in New Hampshire and temperatures were taken of the attendees. The rally was held in an airport hangar. These are good venues, given the circumstances, as they are not indoors without some amount of fresh air circulating. The crowds are limited and safety measures are made. This gives President Trump the live audience he thrives on and he does well in these venues.

It isn’t anything unusual for Democrats to go off a cliff while trashing the president. Just this morning, on Fox News Sunday, Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager accused the president of deliberately inciting violence. This kind of irresponsible talk is not a great way to unite the country, as Joey B. claims he will do. The most aggressive criticism of Trump now is that the pandemic and the deaths of Americans are all his fault – not the Communist Chinese who unleashed the coronavirus on the world. Team Biden has offered absolutely nothing new about mitigating and controlling the pandemic. Biden’s alleged plan is nothing but Trump’s plan “without the bluster.”

Murphy went on to point a finger at members of Trump’s cabinet and guests sitting in the front row during the president’s acceptance of the GOP’s nomination at the White House. He accused them of being “stone-cold killers” and responsible for the next 50,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

“These guys are stone cold killers. The next 50,000 people who die are their responsibility,” Murphy wrote on Twitter Friday. “They sat right next to each other and didn’t wear masks intentionally. They knew they were setting an example that would be followed and they reveled in it.”

You know, we can understand that things are said in the heat of a political campaign that are not acceptable in normal conversations. The problem in today’s political atmosphere is that this kind of extreme opinion is usually made in maybe a small circle of friends or family members, not for the world to see on social media. This is not normal behavior and certainly not to be expected from an elected official.

Earlier last week, Murphy made other disturbing remarks to the New York Times. We’ve been hearing that President Trump is destroying democracy, especially during the Democrat convention. Joe Biden must be elected to save democracy in America, we were told. Well, Senator Murphy went further and said that “democracy is unnatural”, which is an interesting take.

“I have a real belief that democracy is unnatural,” Murphy said. “We don’t run anything important in our lives by democratic vote other than our government. Democracy is so unnatural that it’s illogical to think it would be permanent. It will fall apart at some point, and maybe that point isn’t now, but maybe it is.”

Murphy went on to say he feels like he has “to hold this together so that it survives to the next administration.”

The prediction came about during a discussion of life during the Trump administration. Murphy said being a senator “is not a lot of fun right now” because there is “a chief executive who is an administrative nightmare and intent on dividing us[.]”

Gosh, Senator Murphy isn’t having fun being in the Senate. That’s a shame. Think about how regular voters are feeling as they see such ugliness being tossed about as if it is a normal conversation by the senator. He may be concerned about Trump’s ability to lead by example but he should look in the mirror. Like lots of other anti-Trumpers, Senator Murphy has been broken by President Trump. This latest display of behavior should be addressed. Imagine the reaction in the press if a Republican senator said that about a Democrat president. Oh, never mind.