"They saved my life": Police protect Rand Paul from angry mob outside White House

As the RNC finished up convention week at the White House Thursday night, protesters did their thing outside the White House. As Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley were walking about a block from the White House, an angry mob surrounded them. Speaking about it in his first interview after the attack this morning on FNC’s Fox and Friends, Rand Paul was still visibly shaken.

Senator and Mrs. Paul were walking with two women, friends there for the convention, back to the hotel two blocks from the White House. Paul now says he regrets making the decision to walk instead of getting an Uber or other ride. “It was horrific”, he says of the experience. The crowd of protesters kept increasing, he said, as they recognized him. One police officer was pushed by protesters which caused him to stumble and Senator Paul ended up helping him regain his balance.

Protesters recognized him as the senator from Kentucky and shouted, “Say her name”, in reference to Breonna Taylor who was killed during a police raid at her home in Louisville. Paul says the crowd shouted threats and were inciting protesters around them. Law enforcement had to form a wall with their bodies around them to fend off the protesters.

As he spoke about the attack this morning he noted how stupid the protesters were to try to go after him because he is one of the lawmakers who is working on criminal justice reform. He mentioned, for example, that he is the author of the Justice for Brionna Taylor Act which bars no-knock warrants. He went on to say that he has worked on 22 criminal justice reform bills during both the Obama administration and Trump administration.

Here’s the thing – the angry mob doesn’t care about actual work being done on the cause they allegedly are championing. The angry mob just wants to cause mayhem and scare people into submission. Senator Paul is convinced that many of the protesters are from outside the area and paid to be agitators. “We’ve got to wake up. We can’t live this way. We can’t go outside now. We have to support the police. I can’t say that strongly enough.” He said it is important that Biden be defeated, one important reason being the defund the police movement by leftists. He said America cannot become Portland or other cities now being destroyed by violent mobs. He wants investigations into what he calls “interstate criminal traffic” going across state lines to be paid protesters.

Rand Paul has some experience with his life being threatened by an opponent. He was hospitalized and required several surgeries after a physical attack by his neighbor at his home in Kentucky. It is understandable that he is sounding the alarm about this kind of continued violence and aggression by protesters. When violence begins, the protest is no longer a protest, it’s a riot. Breonna Taylor was an EMT, a first responder who served others. Threatening lives of lawmakers and resorting to violence against them and law enforcement doesn’t honor her memory. It’s not about Breonna, or George Floyd, anymore. It’s about a violent Marxist agenda.

The protest outside the White House was meant to disrupt the Republican convention on the night that President Trump accepted the party’s nomination as its presidential candidate. They failed to be heard by television viewers, though. No word from Team Biden as I write this condemning the actions of protesters. Remember, it was only this week that Biden and Harris finally said that violence is wrong during these riots. Their statements were weak and feckless, especially in this stage of the campaign.

The demonstration was complete with a band, what appeared to be a “party” school bus and a character dressed as the infamous Baby Trump holding a cell phone. Images showed attendees taking photos of a guillotine with an effigy of Trump.

Once Trump’s speech was over, the unrest seemed to intensify. Videos emerged on social media that appeared to show city police clashing with protesters who called them names like “pig.” There were unconfirmed reports of arrests.

Video emerged that claimed to show a bus carrying RNC attendees being targeted by protesters, some of whom jumped on and tried to gain entry. Others appeared to try and prevent the bus from backing up.

As Senator Paul said, there is no reasoning with them. Their violence is senseless. Joe Biden is agitating the left by claiming President Trump wants violence so his law and order platform is helped. That is irresponsible and dangerous rhetoric coming out of the Democrat nominee for president. Senator Paul thanked the police again this morning on FNC. “They saved my life.”