Rose Garden renovations blasted: Funeral homes, white supremacy, and Jackie Kennedy

The White House Rose Garden renovation project was finished in three weeks and revealed to the press on Saturday. First Lady Melania Trump immediately came under attack on social media. It is 2020 and even a new and improved rose garden must be trashed to appease the angry machine.


Take a look for yourself.

Granted, I’m no gardening expert but I think the rose garden looks nice. Last month Melania announced that she was taking on the project. The renovations were long overdue, as it turns out, because of drainage problems and inaccessibility to disabled people. By adding technical updates, future presidents will be able to better use the space to broadcast events and presidential addresses.

The flowers in the garden are largely pastels, which are favored by the first lady, including taller white roses, which were in honor of the first papal visit to the White House by Pope John Paul II in 1979. A diamond-like shape of boxwoods was also added, while about a dozen crabapple trees were removed and will be replanted elsewhere on the grounds.

Moreover, a seating area on the east side of the garden — used at times by presidents for lunch and other meetings — has been removed and will be replaced by a yet-to-be-announced art installation.

The most visually striking change to the garden was the addition of a 3-foot-wide limestone walking path bordering the central lawn. Less noticeable changes include improved drainage and infrastructure and making the garden more accessible for people with disabilities. Audiovisual, broadcasting and other technical fixes are part of the plan, too.

“Protecting the historic integrity of the White House landscape is a considerable responsibility, and we will fulfill our duty as custodians of the public trust,” Melania Trump wrote in a report released when the renovations were announced.


The removal of the crabapple trees really set off some hardcore Jackie Kennedy fans. Jackie Kennedy was the last first lady to make improvements to the area and she had the crabapple trees planted. Melania Trump had them removed due to the irrigation problems and OMG how dare she touch those trees! Everyone can calm down, though, because the trees are being planted elsewhere.

One Jackie fan even re-wrote history and claimed she was responsible for the rose garden in the first place. Nope.

There was some xenophobia on full display by a member of the tolerant left, who also happens to be a member of the media.

There were those who asked about roses in the rose garden. Don’t worry, they are still there and they are beautiful. Just look at the video.


Not to be outdone, a Trump-deranged New York Times columnist posted a Marie Antoinette reference about Melania, because, of course, he did. Never mind that this kind of renovation to the People’s House is uplifting and comforting to people.

This blue checkmark twit claims taxpayer money paid for the renovations. Wrong. She’s entitled to her own opinion but not to her own facts.

Here is a tweet saying the design is one of a funeral home for white supremacists. The colors are still there, though, as the press report states above – most of the flowers are pastel.

One person seemed to be tweeting proudly of working on the renovation work. That tweet, however, has been taken down. The poor guy probably came under fire for simply doing his job and, therefore, putting food on his family’s table.


One reply came from a person claiming to have worked on the renovation, who posted photos and wrote “Here are some photos of my friends who did the work, and the chair where COVID test were administered. Walnut Hill Landscape Company Annapolis, Md.”

Here are some photos of my friends who did the work, and the chair where COVID test were administered. Walnut Hill Landscape Company Annapolis, Md

— Pat Fitz 🇺🇸 (@Donzi1977) August 22, 2020

First Lady Melania will deliver her speech to the Republican convention from the newly renovated rose garden. President Donald Trump will deliver his acceptance speech Thursday night from the White House’s South Lawn where a stage has been constructed.

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