Ah oh! Did Biden plagiarize a Canadian politician in his acceptance speech?

Well, it’s not like he doesn’t have a history of plagiarism, you know. Canadians were quick to note that some of Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democrat convention sounded mighty familiar to them. It turns out Joey B. helped himself to former NDP leader Jack Layton’s final letter, delivered a few days before his death in 2011. Today is the ninth anniversary of Layton’s death.

Here is the part of Biden’s speech in question:

“Let us begin you and I together, one nation under God. United in our love for America. United in our love for each other,” Biden said. “For love is more powerful than hate, hope is more powerful than fear and light is more powerful than dark.”

Nice words. Love and light, y’all, love and light. Who can argue with that? Jack Layton liked those words, too. Here is what his final words to his fellow Canadians included:

“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”

Do you see what Biden (more likely his writers) did there? Biden’s words are those of Layton’s. Layton, by the way, likely took the words from a Canadian prime minister, Wilfrid Laurier in 1916.

But even Layton wasn’t the first Canadian politician to mobilize “love is better than hate” phrasing. That honour goes to prime minister Wilfrid Laurier, who said something similar in 1916.

“I shall remind you that already many problems rise before you: problems of race division, problems of creed difference, problems of economic con­flict, problems of national duty and national aspiration,” Laurier said during a speech in London, Ont.

“Let me tell you that for the solution of these problems you have a safe guide, an unfailing light if you remember that faith is better than doubt and love is better than hate.”

So, Biden’s words are ever so slightly different than Layton’s but certainly close enough that he should of at least credited Layton with the words, or at least Wilfried Laurier who first brought them to a political address. Joey B. wants you to think he is the most compassionate, kind-hearted man that ever ran for political office. Love and light. As you would expect, Layton was a far-left politician, someone who today’s Democrat Party would be comfortable plagiarizing. The NDP (New Democratic Party) is left of the Canadian Liberal Party. Sounds like today’s Democratic Socialists and Team AOC.

Lots of us are old enough to remember Biden’s troubled history with plagiarism, and with the truth, too. His first run for president more than thirty years ago ended abruptly over a plagiarism charge. He continues to lie about his academic record, too.

In 1987, Biden had to drop out of his first presidential run, after he was busted for lying shamelessly about his academic record after yelling at a voter about how much smarter he was then him, as well as plagiarizing the Irish politician Neil Kinnock in a speech. Biden also admitted that he plagiarized a paper in law school.

So, it is really sloppy of Team Biden to let this kind of thing happen now. Biden is this close to his big day, Election Day 2020. He’s measuring the drapes in the Oval Office and preparing to don a cape and save the world after the democracy-destroying years of President Trump, you know. Those were nice, emotional words. That’s really all Biden has at this point. Democrat voters are still not enthusiastic about voting for him but many are eager to vote against Trump. He is playing with Democrats’ emotions in order to get them motivated. He has no new ideas to offer, follows Trump’s lead on the coronavirus, and on bringing jobs back to America. Biden’s been a part of the problems in Washington for 50 years that Trump has been cleaning up.

Will Democrats hold Biden accountable? Nah. They are too nervous about him as a candidate now as it is. He already won the primary season, thanks to Rep. James Clyburn in South Carolina, so they will turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to this kind of error. His acceptance speech is heralded as great and the best Biden has ever done by the Democrats and their wingmen in the media. They don’t care that astute Canadians noticed when he stole the words of others and took the credit for himself. Remember, Joe Biden is running on personal character, values, and morals. Who are we to question that?

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022